Plans for brand new out of doors swimming pool on the Shannon


Major improvements are in the works for outdoor leisure facilities, allowing people to enjoy the water in East Galway in a unique way

Shannon Bank Trustees are seeking planning permission from Galway County Council to remove the old concrete outdoor pool near Banagher and replace it with a more modern one.

The swimming pool is located across the river from Bannagher, just on the Galway side of the Offaly county boundary.

The project would include the removal of the pool including the walkways, handrails and easy access gangway.

The existing pilings are to be retained and the new pool will be installed on top of them, along with a raised walkway around it, fixed seating within the pool and an attached floating canoe pontoon.

Other work includes upgrading the existing pool seating including the installation of three new access steps with handrails and a disabled access ramp

Planning approval was granted by Galway County Council subject to four conditions.