Plans for vacation caravans and tenting pods on Barnoldswick paddock authorised by council


Council has given full approval to convert a paddock used for grazing into a site which will house three permanent holiday caravans and three camping cabins.

Pendle Borough Council has conditionally approved plans to set up three permanent holiday caravans and three camping pods on land at Ben Lane Stables in Ben Lane, Barnoldswick, saying: “There is a positive presumption in favor of approving the development, and there are no objective reasons to oppose the application.”

A first application was submitted in July last year and a second application was submitted to the Council in March.

At a planning committee meeting last week, council members approved proposals for the site, which currently consists of a small stable building and adjoining tack room, riding/walking area and paddock.

A planning statement submitted to Council read: “The application relates to a change of use of the Paddock from Pasture land to allow for the placement of three permanent caravans and three camping cabins.

“The existing access from Ben Lane would remain unchanged and a new porous hardcore lane into the paddock would be created.

“The existing stables and the riding/running area will be retained.

“The applicant intends for this new holiday accommodation business to operate alongside the stables.

“The intention is to market the accommodation to tourists who would be attracted to the site as they could bring their own horses and use the stable facilities already on site.

“The development would therefore meet criterion 1 of the WRC5 guideline as it will help to promote sustainable tourism linked to hiking, horse riding, cycling and appreciation of the natural and historical environment of the region.

“The development will also help improve the quality and diversity of the existing tourist offer in the region.”

When approving the plans, the decision of the council stated: “The holiday accommodation hereby approved may only be occupied for holiday purposes and not as the sole or main residence of a person.

“The operators of the website maintain an up-to-date register of the names of the vacation rental occupants and their primary residential addresses and make this information available to the local planning authority at all reasonable times.”

It has been argued that the proposed development, when completed, will represent a new tourism venture which should benefit the local economy whilst having minimal impact on the character of the area.

The planning statement continued: “The number of vehicle movements likely in such a development will be minimal and no changes to existing access regulations will be required.

“The Council is therefore asked to support the motion.”