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JAMESTOWN – During the 2021 camping season, it will be harder to rent a campsite in Pymatuning State Park.

“Camping will be a high priority,” said Dan Bickel, the state park’s superintendent, of the season, which begins April 9 and runs through October 31.

A $ 3 million project to replace the six washhouse facilities at Jamestown Campground begins this summer.

The campsites in Jamestown will be closed in two phases, with the campsite closed until August and only the park’s Linesville campground remaining operational.

“People may wonder why they don’t start after Labor Day, but it’s the scope of the project,” Bickel said. “The challenge we faced is to completely demolish the shower facilities and toilets and then rebuild them. There are demolitions of the buildings as well as asphalt and concrete works that cannot be carried out over the winter. “

Safety is a major factor as, according to Bickel, large three-axle dump trucks will be driving in and out of the campsite during the project.

Timing is another factor.

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“We want it to be completed for the 2022 camping season as we have a lot of campers fishing in April and May which is a busy fishing season,” said Bickel.

The Jamestown Campground will be closed in two phases.

The 100/200 campsite loops that allow pets will close on July 6th. “There is a possibility that these places will reopen after Labor Day, but that depends on the construction,” said Bickel.

The rest of the Jamestown Campground, the 300/400/500/600 Camping Loops, will close on August 2nd and will remain closed until the 2022 camping season.

The Jamestown Campground washhouses are concrete block buildings dating back to 1969. They have cracked floors and poor roofs, and in recent years the park has had to jack up foundations to replace cement blocks and keep them operating.

“They are only at the end of their life,” said Bickel.

The new buildings are precast concrete parts that are heated. The new buildings will have unisex private toilets, he said.

Fairview’s Chivers Construction Co. was the winner of the general construction contract with a bid of $ 2,724,970, while Penn Ohio Electrical Co. of Masury, Ohio was the electrical company’s winner with a low bid of $ 249,900.

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