Quark Expeditions Provides Two In a single day Tenting Choices In Greenland


According to a press release, Quark Expeditions has added Antarctic Camping and the Greenland Camp Experience to its overnight options for guests sailing to Greenland.

Antarctic camping guests are taken ashore by Zodiacs to camp in the Antarctic snows for the night. The crew prepares the site before guests settle in for the night, and the latter can then choose where to spend the night. The offer is available on select itineraries for an additional $295, according to the company.

“Staying overnight in the polar regions has long captured the imagination of our guests. We launched our first camping options in Antarctica, where guests could sleep for the night while gazing into the indigo glow of an Antarctic night,” said Thomas Lennartz, vice president of sales, Quark Expeditions.

“Antarctic Camping has been such a success that this season we are introducing a new option for Arctic camping enthusiasts: the Greenland Camp Experience along Tasermiut Fjord in South Greenland. Camping overnight in South Greenland is by no means bad in the wild,” added Lennartz.

Guests booking the Greenland Adventure: Explore By Sea, Land, and Air, available aboard Ultramarine, can join local hosts in one of Greenland’s most remote camps. Participants can travel through the landscapes and fjords of South Greenland and roam the tundra with a local chef, who will highlight local ingredients and then prepare a meal. Offer is available for an additional $795 on the Greenland Adventure: Explore By Sea, Land, and Air itinerary.