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fast-break-bait-and-tackle-customer-cstoreA distinctive twist on the typical grocery store, Fast Break Bait & Tackle is home to a fisherman’s paradise ideally located in Okeechobee, Florida on the north end of Lake Okeechobee, which has a vast area (730 square miles) and tremendous habitat diversity. It is Florida’s largest freshwater lake and the second largest natural freshwater lake wholly contained in the contiguous 48 states.

Known as the world’s bass fishing capital, the lake attracts boaters as well as professional and recreational anglers, and Fast Break attracts many nature lovers with its handy items and fishing gear.

“Fast Break is the one stop shop for nature lovers. The concept offers lake visitors and everyday customers a convenience that our competitors don’t have – fuel, groceries, fishing licenses, ice, live bait, fishing tackle and more – all in one place,” said Rebecca Marsocci, Vice President of Fast Break.

A family legacy

Franklin Daniel Marsocci Sr. was the manager of Okeechobee’s first Winn Dixie store, which opened in 1973. His son, Franklin Daniel Marsocci Jr. (Danny), began working for Winn Dixie at 16 and by 20 became a problem solver, traveling to and reviving ailing businesses around the lake. In 1992, Danny and his wife, Linda Marsocci, bought their first convenience store, Bill’s Mini Mart.

The following year, in 1993, Frank, Danny and Linda bought a foreclosed lot with a Fast Tracks store and gas station.

The trio changed the store name to Fast Break, a tribute to the original name and the fact that they only had 30 days to fix the issue of the tank registration not being renewed upon purchase of the store.

The existing store was set up with an area of ​​1,200 square meters.

Fast break bait and tackle Rebecca Marsocci pursuit

Rebecca and Chase Marsocci

With its prime location next to the lake, the store began to attract anglers, especially after a few fishing tackles were added to the store.

“The vision for the future of the store became clear. Expand the tackle offering and become a one-stop shop,” said Rebecca Marsocci.

After running both stores for 16 years, Danny and Linda welcomed their sons, current Fast Break Presidents Daniel Marsocci (Chase) and Blake Marsocci, into the business in 2010. They expanded it to 2,800 square feet.

Chase and his wife, Rebecca Marsocci, lifelong residents of Okeechobee, became the sole owners of Fast Break in 2016. Fast Break grew to 6,000 square feet of retail space.

The convenience store is open 16 hours a day, seven days a week to attract customers coming in and out of the lake.

Fast Break has grown as a supporter of the health and vitality of Lake Okeechobee, as well as outdoor recreation and youth.

Local and welcoming

The goal of the Marsoccis was to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere consistent with Okeechobee’s history.

“The 1993 movie, ‘Grumpy Old Men’ comes to mind.[Characters]John Gustafson and Max Goldman used to frequent their beloved Chuck’s Bait Shop, where they would buy their supplies and trade fish stories with the clerk,” said Rebecca Marsocci.

This was the kind of inspiration used to curate the store’s vibe and both locals and visitors tend to stay and visit for a while.

Fast Break uses natural wood accents and tarnished corrugated iron. It features taxidermy like fish, ducks, deer, and alligators, as well as pictures and artifacts related to Okeechobee and Florida.

Upbeat music is played throughout the property, and an HVAC aroma system diffuses a light scent of citrus and Florida key notes throughout the space.

“Given that Okeechobee is very seasonal for tourism, we strive to provide our customers with an experience that is representative of Okeechobee’s heritage—an experience that is unique, enjoyable, and memorable,” said Rebecca Marsocci.

Fast Break’s logo features the outline of Lake Okeechobee with a Large Mouth Bass bouncing from the center, mostly in red, white, and blue.

“We’re proud Americans chasing the American Dream, and we wanted to make sure our brand reflected that,” explained Rebecca Marsocci.

Fast break bait and tackle Costa sunglassesThe store’s large, handcrafted Costa (sunglasses) display usually catches the eye of shoppers. It is built with four solid wood posts meant to capture the look of barn wood supporting a pitched rustic metal roof. Underneath the hut are two large LED Costa displays. Industrial poles attached to each post display clothing, and the entire facility resembles a small vintage bait shop reminiscent of one featured in Grumpy Old Men.

In addition, Fast Break has expanded its range of gifts and women with Backlash, a branded lifestyle section created by women for women. Backlash, a sub-brand of Fast Break, was created to appeal to the store’s female clientele. Gifts, clothing, bags, hats, jewelry, housewares, etc. can be found in this department.

Fast Break operates six pumps and carries the Marathon brand. It carries aviation fuel for the air boaters, as well as unleaded, diesel and Rec 90.

Develop Food & Tech

Fast Break offers a full line of hot food including pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches and more.

In addition, the store has a three-pot pour-over coffee maker. The Keurig K4000 system, a single-serve coffeemaker, is great for late-night coffee drinkers.

In terms of technology, Fast Break runs the Verifone Ruby 2 Commander system with updated touchscreen tabs. It has a larger back office software system with more advanced features and the Square POS system which is an alternative method of accepting payments.

“Because Marathon handles all credit card transactions, they have dollar limits on purchases made in one location. We are a retailer of marine electronics and other high-priced equipment that requires another credit card processor for those purchases,” explained Rebecca Marsocci.

Skupos is used for grocery and tobacco loyalty discounts, in addition to the in-house loyalty punch card for live minnow purchases. For every 1.5 pounds of minnows, customers get a quarter of a pound free.

fast-break-bait-and-tackle-fishing-lake-okeechobeegone fishing

In addition to standard convenience store items, Fast Break stock a full line of tackle products, both premium and value items. According to Rebecca Marsocci, customers say the store is “like a mini bass pro shop.”

In terms of tackle, visitors can expect to find rods, reels, terminal tackle, lures, soft plastics and more. The store also offers a wide range of marine electronics and accessories, as well as alligator hunting and frog gigging gear.

Fast Break prides itself on a wide selection of women’s and children’s items, local gifts and souvenirs.

“One important thing to know about our tackle and tackle business is that we pride ourselves on being homemade. We have the vibe of a local small business, but with the same high-quality goods that it’s widely believed can only be found in chain stores — and at competitive prices,” said Rebecca Marsocci.

Another reason Fast Break’s fishing business is doing so well is Chase’s status as a lifelong angler, both competitive and recreational, and his knowledge of Lake Okeechobee’s unique ecosystem. He stocks gear suited to the shallow water, heavy vegetation, and dark waters of Lake Okeechobee, such as: B. Heavier rods, flat baits and baits with a darker color.

Fast Break attracts experienced and competitive anglers as Lake Okeechobee hosts more than 500 tournaments annually and is a popular stop for several national competitive fishing organizations. However, the store also capitalizes on Florida’s many other tourist attractions and caters to newcomers as well.

“The goal is not just to make sales, but to equip our customers with the knowledge and tools to make their fishing experience an exhilarating experience that they must repeat,” said Rebecca Marsocci.

Fast Break doesn’t just sell the gear; it is involved in sports.

It has a group of USCG-licensed boat captains who take fishing charters and offer four, six, or eight-hour trips. Customers choose the type of fish they want to catch such as: B. Bass or Panfish (Bluegill, Clam Cracker or Crappie) and their preferred type of bait: artificial or live.

Fast break bait and tackle baitWhen customers arrive at the store, employees use the state kiosk to purchase their Florida fishing licenses.

The shop has 16-20 people on its team, made up of men and women of all ages, with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities. Clients and team members identify with each other, Rebecca Marsocci said.

Fast Break also offers saltwater fishing charters near Fort Pierce, Florida; alligator hunts; duck hunts; and wild boar hunts.

Fast Break is involved in many fishing competitions and hosts a fishing tournament once a year, usually outside of the tourist season, to encourage foot traffic in the slower months.

This strategy also serves as a promotional statement for Lake Okeechobee, as it demonstrates that fishing is prominent year-round.

Let the brand grow

Going forward, Fast Break plans to expand its level of convenience, specifically by integrating VeriFone-compatible handheld POS systems to enable drive-through or drive-up services.

It hopes to continue to develop its loyalty programs and increase public recognition through social media and on-site signage, particularly during fishing tournaments.

Fast Break attracts new customers and builds loyalty with existing customers by understanding its consumers, tailoring its interactions for them and exuding an unmatched level of appreciation for their business.