Recreation and tenting charges waved at Daniel Boone Nationwide Forest

Recreation and camping fees waved at Daniel Boone National Forest

KENTUCKY, USA – Daniel Boone National Forest is waiving recreational area fees in honor of National Get Outdoors Day.

No fees will be collected in forest-driven recreation areas Saturday, the U.S. Forest Service said in a statement. The exception does not apply to concession sites and reserved group use areas.

The day was set up for both seasoned outdoor enthusiasts and newcomers to explore their public land, said Daniel Boone National Forest Supervisor H. Scott Ray.

“I hope our visitors will take this opportunity to explore a new trail or enjoy a new activity in the forest,” he said.

Therefore, in addition to recreation fees, camping fees at Red River Gorge, Bee Rock Campground, S-Tree Campground, Great Meadows Campground and Barren Fork Horse Camp will also be waived Saturday night, the statement said.