Recreation Spotlight: Camp Sagamore Path System –


The Camp Sagamore Trail System is located in the 47,000-acre Blue Ridge Wilderness. Located near and around the grounds of Great Camp Sagamore, a listed National Historic Landmark and one of the few surviving Adirondack Great Camps, this trail system offers an awe-inspiring wildlife experience.

The system consists of four interconnected trails. At 3.8 miles that Sagamore Lake Trail is the longest, winding around the shores of Sagamore Lake and passing briefly by the camp itself. Although the trails are not part of the historic Great Camp Sagamore complex, reminders of the Golden Age can still be found in the surrounding woodland. Along the Powerhouse Trail lie the remains of an old gatehouse and power plant that once used natural water energy to generate electricity for Great Camp Sagamore. Please be careful around these historic sites and help preserve these landmarks by donating what you find to others.

Trailhead Locations:
All trailheads are located on Sagamore Road in Inlet, NY. From Route 28 at Raquette Lake, turn onto Sagamore Road. The first trailhead is the Cascades Trail, the next is the Powerhouse Trail; Parking for the Sagamore Lake Trail can be found just before Great Camp. (N 43.771987°; W 74.637854°).

DEC photo