Regents approve $5.eight million renovations to UI west campus recreation fields


The renovations will take place in Spring 2023 and will affect the only outdoor recreation fields on campus that are not fully utilized.

The state Board of Regents on Thursday approved a $5.8 million application for renovations to the University of Iowa’s western recreation areas.

The application was first submitted to the regents at his meeting on Wednesday, which detailed concerns about physical deficiencies such as wet areas, recurring low points and compacted floors, which pose safety issues and negatively impact participation in outdoor recreation.

That western recreation areas This includes 12 natural grass pitches primarily used for intramural sports such as flag football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, lacrosse and volleyball.

Rod LehnerzUI’s senior vice president of finance and operations said the university currently spends $750,000 to $1 million each year on delayed maintenance of the recreation areas.

The renovation included six new artificial grass pitches, replacement of fencing and new drainage systems. The renovation plans were detailed in the report submitted to the Property and Facilities Committee.

Funding for the renovation will be provided through the Recreation Services Renewal and Improvement Fund. The cost of the project includes:

  • $766,238 for planning, design and management
  • $4,584,022 for construction
  • $449,740 for contingencies

Construction work is scheduled to start in spring 2023 and end in autumn 2023.

The fields are currently the only available outdoor fields on campus, which according to the are not fully utilized report.