Remembering bell hooks and her huge legacy


Imani Perry:

Well I think her legacy is tremendous.

And part of the incredible work that she’s created is the legacy that’s found that there are so many young people who are for the first time starting to think seriously about class, about sexuality, about gender, about identity, about vulnerability , about spirituality is through her work.

Your work is never out of print. This “Am I not a woman?” You can still buy, right? And so, indeed, the legacy is within all of us who have been impacted by their work, not just in academia, in all walks of society, in organization, in nonprofit worlds, in American corporations.

And so, I mean, she really has – she has shaped several generations of thinkers and people who are members of communities. And so I hope that in this moment it is time for us to reflect on how much she has helped us think, how much she has helped us grow properly, and how she has brought the world closer to justice .