Replace on Leisure Marijuana Gross sales in Danbury


On July 1st, 2021, recreational marijuana became legal in Connecticut, and you can bet pot smokers across the state have lit a celebratory joint, two, maybe even three.

Danbury lawmakers immediately created a timeline for legalizing marijuana for recreational use. According to Hearst Connecticut Media, the city would allow four types of marijuana businesses, but not on Main Street in Danbury, although those guidelines will be discussed this summer.

This decision was made so they wouldn’t encroach on schools, parks and places of worship. Additionally, Danbury imposed a year-long ban on all applications for new recreational marijuana businesses that it plans to launch later this year.

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Rules have already been put in place that allow no more than two hybrid retailers to sell recreational and medical marijuana to adults. So another option is no more than three businesses in these categories: a medical marijuana dispensary, a recreational cannabis retailer, and a hybrid retailer. There are already regulations that state:

Cannabis operations are not permitted on any property bordering, in whole or in part, Main Street / Route 53 in Danbury.

Currently, the closest recreational marijuana dispensaries near Danbury are about 52 miles away in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and they are Calyx Berkshire Dispensary, Rebelle, The Pass and Great Barrington Dispensary.

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