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CAPITAL REGION, NY – As summer begins, many people are looking forward to the 2021 camping season that leaders in the outdoor recreation industry expect to be a success.

COVID-19 was a key factor in the influx of many camping attributes, according to the North American Camping Report 2021.

More than 70% of North American campers changed their camping habits in 2020, the report said. In the US, the proportion of campers camping for the first time in 2020 was five times higher than in 2019.

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19 through 2021, the report said that all campers across North America are showing optimism for more camping this year.

While there are many different ways to camp, RV ownership has risen in both the US and Canada, where RV interest and the RV lifestyle are at all-time highs, the report said. Continuing a growing trend, the report found that more people identify as RV campers and more people are interested in buying or improving their RV in 2021.

This trend is certainly obvious for the local company Alpin Haus. The outdoor leisure retailer’s sales have been strong since the beginning of the year and continue to explode after the unofficial start to the summer.

Alpin Haus sells more mobile homes than ever before. People of all ages are interested in camping and the RV lifestyle. The company reports that RV sales were up 21% from the first quarter of 2020.

With this high demand, the company currently has the largest order backlog in its history. More than 100 mobile homes have currently been ordered for customers who travel from near and far to shop in the Alpin Haus.

Jonathan Baker, General Sales Manager of Alpin Haus, advises everyone who wants to buy a motorhome this year to place the order as soon as possible, as the time until the products arrive has become longer.

Although product availability is somewhat uncertain these days due to bottlenecks and other factors, “all I know is that if you get them sooner, you will get them,” he said.

Some of the most popular products lately include bunkhouse RVs, Baker said, as these types of models offer extra sleeping options for families.

“Nobody just wants to own a motorhome. They do it for what they can do with the RV, ”explained Baker. “It gives them the opportunity to have really good memories and spend more time with their family.”

Whether camping in a mobile home, a hut or a tent, many families choose the capital region for their camping trips. The area offers state campsites such as Moreau Lake State Park at the foot of the Adirondacks in Saratoga County, Schodack Island State Park on the Hudson River in Rensselaer County and Thompson’s Lake Campground in Thacher State Park in Albany County, as well as dozens of private campsites.

“Rensselaer County has some of the most beautiful natural surroundings, and camping has always been a top summer activity for our residents and families,” said Steve McLaughlin, executive of Rensselaer County.

“We expect interest in camping will increase this year as we get out of the pandemic. Residents will want to get outside in the warmer months but may not be ready to embark on a journey that far away. “he continued.

“There are campsites in our county that some families have been going to for years. We anticipate these connections will be renewed and there will be a strong but safe return to outdoor recreation this summer,” said McLaughlin.

“Camping is a great way to get away from home and enjoy the fresh and beautiful countryside of Rensselaer County,” said legislator Scott Bendett. “We know many will be camping this year and look forward to seeing many of our friends and neighbors.” around the campfire this summer. “

A similar craze for camping can be found in Saratoga County.

“Interest in outdoor recreation in Saratoga County has increased, especially since so many New Yorkers were forced to stay near their homes last summer and fall,” said Annamaria Bellantoni, vice president of tourism for the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce. “Many chose outdoor recreation and camping as a safe alternative. Anyone who wants to experience nature in all its forms can enjoy camping.

Saratoga County’s scenic beauty stretches from lakes and beaches to mountains and winding trails. Saratoga County’s Moreau Lake State Park offers camping and cabins, and there are plenty of private campsites too. When rustic tent camping is too much, lots of real estate offer now comfortable options like ‘glamping’ or cabins. “

While COVID-19 has certainly served as a catalyst, some industry leaders like Baker predict that consumers’ newly found love for nature will outlast the pandemic.

“I think in the RV world as a whole, this isn’t just a passing thing,” said Baker, explaining that many people take an interest in RV camping by visiting campsites owned by friends and family, especially during times like Memorial Day -Weekend. Among those RV camping newbies are young adults in their twenties, Baker said, noting that doing so increases the length of time it takes to own RVs. “We don’t think it’s just lightning in the pan because of the pandemic. We believe it’s just the spark that will change the entire curve of RVing, not just in New York and our region, but across the country. ”