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Two multi-family developers whose projects had been rejected by Clermont City Council received staff and planning and zoning commission approval on Tuesday for revised plans that would bring hundreds of new homes to the city’s Hooks Street corridor.

Both projects are located on the stretch of road between Citrus Tower Boulevard and Hancock Road, near the AdventHealth ER and Health Park. The Vue in Clermont, proposed by AC advertising and Woodfield development would change the existing PUD to 30.9 acres between State Road 50 and Hooks Street at Miss Florida Avenue. The PUD entitles the property to 258 multi-family units.

In January the city council rejected a plan That would have changed future land use on the property south of Hooks Street to allow for 292 multi-family units on either side of the street — 220 units north of Hooks and 72 south of the street. In this plan, the developers excluded the southern portion of the project and instead focused solely on the land north of Hooks.

The submitted plan provides for eight lots, seven of which are commercial lots on the front of SR-50. The largest lot would be approximately 24 acres and would only be accessible from Hooks Street via pre-approved access points.

Lawyer Jimmy Crawford said the owners realized that one of the biggest problems with the previous plan was the proposal to build an apartment building on land south of Hooks Street. “We listened very carefully and reviewed the tape and minutes of both the P&Z meeting and the commission meeting to determine what the real issues were. And we went back to the drawing board and made some significant changes.”

The developer is seeking approval for 289 multi-family homes, which is just under the maximum density of 12 units per acre. The project was redesigned to address complaints from some council members regarding the height of retaining walls within the complex, lowering them from 13 feet to 10 feet. One of the retaining walls would bisect the 8,000 square foot clubhouse creating a unique two tier pool facility.

100 one-bedroom units, 129 two-bedroom units and 59 three-bedroom units are planned. The buildings would utilize a four-story split elevation with elevators and 30 units of tandem car-accessible garages. Charlon Brock Architects directed the design work, construction work by Highland Engineering.

“It’s a great looking project now,” said P&Z Chairman Max Krzyminski. “I’m glad to see the adjustments and that you were able to work with city officials.” The board unanimously recommended approving the project.

Skorman Construction is looking to add 9 acres to its previously approved multi-family development, bringing the total number of units to 312.

just down the street Skorman Construction had received City Council approval for the proposed Clermont Hills housing development in August 2021, after appealing the City Council’s previous rejection to a special judge who ruled in favor of the developer. This project was originally proposed as a 204-unit community on 17 acres on the southwest corner of Hooks Street and Excalibur Road.

Skorman has since signed a purchase agreement for the adjacent 9-acre property owned by Aspen Senior Living. The revised plan combines the parcels into one larger project at 26.25 acres and brings the total number of units to 312.

HBV and FK Architecture remodeled the project to now consist of 3 storey buildings, all located within the gated community. Another important change is that there is no longer an access point on Excalibur. It now has an enlarged main entrance at a central opening on Hooks Street and the developer will build designated right and left turn lanes into the complex.

Skorman promises to provide more recreational space and better facilities in the wider community of Clermont Hills.

Lowndes Shareholder Tara Tedrow said the owner of the Aspen property approached Skorman because he had received bids from various multi-family developers because it had the same land use, which allows for up to 12 units per acre. “When we spoke to him, we said that it would make a lot more sense for us to do a project than to have two different developers do two projects right next to each other where you can’t really guarantee the quality of the end product next to us,” said you.

Tedrow said the redesigned project will have nicer amenities and more open space than the previously approved PUD. These include a yoga lawn, shaded areas with hammocks, a dog park, bocce courts, a zen garden, and a children’s playground.

She noticed that Skormans award-winning Minneola Hills community has the same density with about half the proposed acreage for Clermont. “We have about twice as much green space as this award-winning project, so this project will really be something special for the residents and the city as a whole,” she said.

The Skorman location is just southeast of The Addison at Clermonta 230-unit residential complex built by ContraVest in 2020.

Atlanta-based Penler is building a 288-unit gated community just north of Publix and CarMaxx off SR 50 in Clermont.

Less than a mile away, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to authorize a staff-initiated annexation of a new one 288 unit apartment complex currently under construction by Atlanta based commuters. When the developer received its permits from Lake County, the city was under a moratorium on the development of new apartment buildings. Clermont has agreed to a utility agreement with Penler and is now in the process of annexing the property.

Penler worked closely with the Atlanta-based architect, dynamic designto create a two-story multi-family prototype that would appeal to renters in a post-COVID environment. Each building has 24 garden style apartments, all with direct entrances. Interiors feature open floor plans, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, vinyl plank floors, upgraded lighting, and washers and dryers.

The property comprises the northern half of a 50 acre East Clermont Village area off SR 50 and County Road 455. The southern half has been acquired by CarMaxx.

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