Revolutionary GCI Outside LevrUp Cover Highlights Product Assortment Displayed by Gathr Outdoor Throughout Summer season Outside Retailer Present 2022


A welcome innovation in the outdoor canopy category, the GCI Outdoor LevrUp Canopy offers easy, one-man setup and takedown, all from outside the frame. Patent-pending technology locks the canopy in place without the user ever having to bend down and duck under the frame to secure it. This thoughtful design decision addresses a common user pain point while providing parents, side hustles, beachgoers and campers with a seamless, time-saving solution that is second to none on the market.

“Our goal is to make being outdoors more comfortable and convenient,” he said Keith Bornholtz, CEO, Gathr Outdoors. “The GCI Outdoor LevrUp Canopy is a game changer for anyone struggling to set up or take down traditional canopy solutions. Our ORCA 65-Quart Wheeled Cooler and ultralight and packable Klymit Maxfield 1 tent are other examples of innovations that make spending time together outdoors more enjoyable.”

Hero products on display at the Gathr Outdoors booth include:

  • LevrUp Canopy – Pricing available at launch – AVAILABLE Q1 2023
    • Innovative Levr-Lock technology locks the canopy from a stationary position outside of the frame, allowing for seamless one-person erection and quick folding, a key differentiator compared to other canopies that require the user to bend and crouch under the frame must to secure and collapse him
  • 65 quart cooler with wheels – Pricing available at launch – AVAILABLE Q4 2022
    • Industry-leading 14-day ice retention ensures maximum freshness of stowed goods
    • Shock absorbing wheels and a padded handle allow for effortless driving over difficult terrain like sand and rocks
    • Backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty and rotomolded in the USA
  • 80 quart cooler – $500 MSRP – AVAILABLE Q4 2022
    • Extra-large cavity with three divider slots and industry-leading 14-day ice retention ensures maximum freshness of stowed goods, perfect for long adventures or garden parties
    • Revised locking mechanism allows for hassle-free opening and closing
    • Backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty and rotomolded in the USA
  • Maxfield 1 Tent – ​​$319.99 MSRP – AVAILABLE NOW
    • Industry-leading headroom provides an additional 10 cm compared to competitive solutions
    • The ultra-light structure offers intelligently designed single camper comfort
    • Large storage vestibules maximize outdoor storage, resulting in more usable interior space
    • Revolutionary packability, highlighted by an innovative roll-style stuff sack, provides a clean surface for tent setup and easy repacking
  • Drift Pillowcase – $24.99 MSRP – AVAILABLE NOW
    • The durable, easy-to-clean, water-resistant outer shell protects the pillow at home during travel and converts to a comfortable jersey cotton sleeping surface
  • Mt. Hood hard shell tent – ​​from $3,295 RRP – AVAILABLE NOW
    • The hard shell design allows overlanders to pack more gear on top of the tent
    • Lightweight durability and thoughtful functionality culminate in an ultra-slim clamshell design that sets up in under a minute
    • Two T-slot cross poles are standard and offer a 100-pound load capacity, while built-in perimeter T-channels allow accessories to be attached directly to the tent
  • Universal Paddle Sports Carrier – $69.95 MSRP – AVAILABLE NOW
    • First universal design to attach to any vehicle with or without side rails, allowing seamless transport of kayaks, stand up paddle boards and canoes
    • Adjustable car clips provide added convenience and eliminate the need for seat belt placement through the interior of a vehicle
    • A multi-point attachment system allows boats of different widths to be easily attached to avoid slipping during transport
  • Weekender 8.0 Gallon Water Tank – $549.99 MSRP – AVAILABLE NOW
    • The large, self-pressurizing tank easily fills with a standard garden hose to provide 8 gallons of water on the go
    • Ideal for longer trips like camping or fishing trips, off-road adventures, beach days and more
    • With roof rack brackets and made of food-safe plastic
  • GoSpout 2.0 Gallon Portable Tank – By $144.99 RRP – AVAILABLE NOW
    • Convenient two-gallon tank – small enough to easily accompany any outdoor activity – inflates to full pressure in 30 seconds
    • A must have for families on the go who want an easy solution to washing hands or hosing off sandy feet
    • The inflation valve accessory allows automatic pressurization directly from a garden hose

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