Rocklin reaping rewards of Prop 68 at Sundown Whitney Recreation Space


ADA accessible trails and sweeping views in East Trails

Rocklin, California – The City of Rocklin will officially open Phase 1 of the East Trails Sunset Whitney Recreation Area on Wednesday, August 17 at 9 a.m., adding approximately 1.1 miles of ADA-accessible trails for people to enjoy.

Phase I of the East Trails overlooks approximately 30 acres of the SWRA and will nearly double the length of general trails available to park residents upon the completion of Phase II.

Brief comments from Mayor Bill Halldin and Parks, Recreation and Arts Commission Chair Christine Anderson are followed by a tape cut near the access to the new trails at the entrance to SWRA Midas Ave.

“When the City Council acquired 184 acres of green space in the heart of Rocklin in 2017, they envisioned an oasis for recreation, relaxation and outdoor activities,” Mayor Halldin said. “Opening the first section of the East Trails will be another step in making that vision a reality and I look forward to all SWRA trails opening later this year.”

support 68

Phase I of the East Trails Extension was funded with $428,000 government grants focused on recovery, raising the city $44,500. The city has also allocated surplus FY20-21 dollars to the rehabilitation of the second and final section of the East Trails. A construction contract was approved this week to complete the project in late fall.

Rocklin’s citizens place a high value on recreational space, with the quality of the parks being one of the main reasons people give surveys about why they enjoy living here. Additional hiking and biking trails were also the key features that people wanted to see more of in the SWRA.

Did you know?

Placer County residents voted against Proposal 68 (55.41% Against, 44.59% For), a bond measure priced at $4 billion. Named for the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection and Outdoor Access for All Act of 2018.


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