Royal Household tremendous followers begin tenting out in London for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 53 hours earlier than it begins


Fans of the royal family have already started celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, and some superfans have already camped near Buckingham Palace in Westminster. John Loughrey and Maria Scott arrived today to camp on The Mall, a street that stretches between Buckingham Palace at its west end and Trafalgar Square to the east.

The couple camp outside wearing royal merchandise, covered in a jubilee blanket featuring a silhouette of the Queen. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations begin on June 2, meaning the couple hour has been camping days before the start of the official celebrations.

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Street parties are planned across the country as the Queen prepares to celebrate 70 years on the throne. The first day of celebrations begins with Trooping the Color, the Queen’s birthday parade. It is a military parade with soldiers, musicians and horses all participating in the performance.

The Mall is a street between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square

It is hoped that the Queen will then appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace along with other members of the Royal Family to watch a special flyby

The lighting of the beacons will take place later in the evening the same day. During this event, some members of the royal family will gather to watch as the first bonfire in the palace is lit – a 21m tall tree-of-trees sculpture. Around 3,000 other beacons are expected to be lit for the Queen around the world.

The duo are royal superfans

On Saturday (June 4) the Thames is expected to erupt in a deafening roar as ships blare their horns to mark the celebrations. The UK Chamber of Shipping has invited shipowners and yachtsmen alike to attend the Ships Salute this weekend.

There are concerns the weather could put a damper on the weekend as some possible showers are forecast.

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