Ryan Colley and his Swiss Alps Ski Traverse


A short summary and video of Ryan Colley and his Ski Traverse across the Alps in Switzerland. 580km over 26 days, carried out last spring.

Last spring, I set out to traverse the Swiss alps in a human powered ski traverse. I covered 580km over 26 days, linking my favorite mountains together with lesser-known ranges. 

It was never about reaching the finish line, but rather enjoying the way there. Watching the sun rise and set each day, sharing it with close friends, and traveling over mountains and glaciers further than the eye could see was incredible. It was a truly epic month. 

1: Chamonix to Zermatt via classic Haute Route (Grand Combin route) 
2: Zermatt to Brig via Simplon pass 
3: Brig to Andermatt via Bernese Alps and Furka pass 
4: Andermatt to Splügen via Rheinwaldhorn (Adula)  
5: Splügen to Davos Klosters via Arosa and Weisfluh
6: Davos to Ishgl via Silvretta Alps

26/2 – Left Argentiere. To Chardonnet Col and bivouac de l’Envers des Dorées
27/2 – Skied to Praz Fort, over Col Sud Planards and down to Bourg St Pierre
28/2 – Village to Bivacco Musso
1/3 – Bivacco Musso to Refuge des Bouquetins
2/3 – Bouquetins to small summit above hut and then over to Zermatt (Haute Route was excellent!)
3/3 – Up the ski piste above Zermatt and to Adlerpass. Horrible ski to Saas Almagell
4/3 – Andrew leaves, met Pernille in town. Saas Al to Almagellerhütte
5/3 – Almagellerhütte to Zwischbergenpass (totally dry) then ski down to valley and climb over Frugu pass. Slept in forrest.
6/3 – Gabi to Simplon pass. Down to Brig
7/3 – Restock and rest in Brig
8/3 – Met Laura in Brig and walked to Riederalp, over pass to Aletschgletcher and to Concordia Hütte
9/3 – Concordia Hütte to Gross Grunhorn
10/3 – Concordia Hütte to Grunsaddle and then to Oberaarjoch Hütte
11/3 – Oberaarjoch Hütte down glacier and over ridge to Grimsel pass. Said goodbye to Laura and headed over Furkapass (halfway!). Slept in forrest at Hospental.
12/3 – Hospental to Andermatt then over Oberalppass and ski/walk to Disentis
13/3 – Walking from Disentis to Capanna Bovarina
14/3 – Down to Campo and up the Carassino valley to Capanna Adula
15/3 – Storm day. Left hut in afternoon and only made it to the UTOE hut 300m above.
16/3 – Climbed Adula/Rheinwaldhorn and enjoyed a great ski down the East face to Splugen. Slept in forrest. Great day.
17/3 – Met Andrew and Cyril. Rode bike from Splugen to Lenz as no snow over the passes.
18/3 – Met Hannah. Lenzerheide to Ramozhutte. White out and high avalanche risk. Scary day.
19/3 – Ramoz to Arosa, Teijer pass, Chorbshornhütte
20/3 – Chorbshorn – Weissfluh and down to the Iglu Dorf for the night. Hannah leaves to Davos.
21/3 – Ski to Klosters and meet Tom. Tour up to Silverettahütte
22/3 – Silverettahorn, Dreilanderslitz, and to Jamtalhütte (Austria!!!). First staffed hut of the trip.
23/3 – Jamtal to Grenzeckkopf and final descent into Ischgl.

A big shout out to my friends who met me along the way: Andrew Roberts, Cyril Rohrer, Hannah Willmott, Pernille Temmerud, Laura James, and Tom Teiler.

Ryan Colley

Ryan Colley thanks Radix Nutrition, Norrøna.

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