Safeguarding Our Out of doors Heritage – Flathead Beacon


The right to hunt, fish, and access our public land is enshrined in the Constitution of Montana, the heritage of our state, and in the hearts and minds of the people you represent in Helena.

Republican lawmakers include landowners, avid hunters, fishermen and women, competition shooters, hikers, ATV drivers, boaters, skiers and all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. Montana’s outdoor heritage is our way of life and policies that affect the outdoor experience , are important to us. Montana wouldn’t be Montana without the opportunity to live, work and play outside.

Republicans in the Legislature worked on this session to better manage wildlife and predators, reduce extreme environmental efforts to cut off access to public land, and reform our state’s outdoor management agencies.

We have seen increasing pressure on our wildlife populations, public and private land, recreational areas, and predators such as wolves and grizzlies in recent years. Legislature has passed several bills to better manage wolf and grizzly populations, reduce moose overpopulation on private land with expanded hunting opportunities, increase membership of the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission, reduce frivolous lawsuits, and the public Improve access to nature through infrastructure and conservation projects. Legislature has funded millions for Flathead Lake recreational access, shooting ranges, fish cleaning stations, habitat improvements, fishing access locations, and maintenance projects to keep public access centers clean, functional, and enjoyable.

Despite the false claims of some environmental groups, Montana’s outdoor heritage is growing faster than ever due to proactive legislation passed this year by Republicans who live and breathe the outdoor lifestyle.

When summer approaches, your citizen lawmakers will be beside you on the trail, by the lake, in the forest, and by the river, enjoying and appreciating everything that makes Montana the Last Best Place.

Wylie Galt, R-Martinsdale
Casey Knudsen, R-Malta
Sue Vinton, R-Lockwood