Salt Lake County and Rio Tinto accomplice to supply improved outside recreation in Butterfield Canyon


Salt Lake County – Salt Lake County Council approved a lease between the county and Rio Tinto Kennecott for 17 acres of land in southwest Salt Lake County. This unique partnership will continue Salt Lake County’s efforts to build a network of multipurpose trails to improve access to Rose, Yellow Fork and Butterfield Canyons.

In partnership with Rio Tinto and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Salt Lake County will build 12 miles of new hiking trails in areas where public access was previously unavailable. This lease follows last week’s purchase of an additional 94 acres of open space at Butterfield Canyon and complements a recent acquisition of 50 acres that will serve as the starting point for this trail system. Together, these acquisitions are a critical part of Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation’s master plans to create accessible, equitable, sustainable, and quality open spaces for all in the county.

“We are moving quickly and deliberately with many partners to make hiking, biking and other recreational activities a reality on our West Bank trails,” said Jenny Wilson, Mayor of Salt Lake County. “We are grateful for the partnership with Rio Tinto Kennecott, Bureau of Land Management, Spencer Millerberg and the advocacy group. The collaboration, the first of its kind for outdoor recreation, will provide residents and guests with an enhanced outdoor experience in the southwest region of the county.”

“The provision of 17 acres of land in Butterfield Canyon through our Salt Lake County lease will enhance community members’ recreational experience for many years to come. We hope more people will safely enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors as much as we do,” said Gaby Poirier, Managing Director, Rio Tinto Kennecott.

After the council approved the lease with Rio Tinto, Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation took over management of the acreage.