Science Zone providing ‘In-Tents’ tenting, kayaking experiences together with 15+ children’ summer season camps


(The Science Zone)

CASPER, Wyo – The Science Zone has a packed program of summer camps and opportunities for children in the Casper area this summer.

Local musician Chad Lore will help kick off the first of over 15 summer camps in the Science Zone this summer and say “Lets Make Some Noise!” Camp from 14.-18. June.

“We’re going to team up with local musician Extroadinare, Chad Lore, as we study the properties of sound and create noise by developing all kinds of instruments,” says the Science Zone. “This camp includes a bonus juggling session (because it’s connected to music!).”

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In addition to more than 15 camps in summer, the Science Zone also offers three outdoor adventure camps, the first of which is an “In-Tents” camping and kayaking experience.

“Our first outdoor adventure camp will take place from June 21st to 25th,” it says in the Science Zone. “Campers will leave Casper on Monday morning, head to Wind River Canyon for a guided kayaking / geology experience, then head to Medicine Lodge to see petroglyphs, camp in Tensleep Canyon where we will hike, fish and climb with a guide become .”

“Participants will spend their days exploring. learn and have fun, their evenings around the campfire by the river and their nights in tents. “

The camping experience “In-Tents” is for 11-15 year olds with registration on “Call 307-473-9663 for more information. Scholarships are made possible with the support of the Wyoming Child Support Program. “

In addition to the camps, the Science Zone offers “Idea Lab Summer” events every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm. These activities are for students in grades 6-12.

The Science Zone says participants will:

  • Spend time outdoors and learn about the many professions available
  • Learn about the Platte River as you swim, swim, and fish in it
  • Create a video masterpiece under the guidance of an expert
  • Prepare for the first interview in a special 5-day workshop with Impact Wyoming
  • Play Dungeons and Dragons
  • Visit the University of Wyoming and Wyo Tech

The following graphic with the camps during the summer is also available online: