SCV Information | County Parks, Recreation Encourages Use of Public Trails


Uploaded: , Friday 5 August 2022

Via press release

The Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation invites residents to better connect with more than 550 miles of beautiful public trails throughout the county.

Trails play an important role in promoting and facilitating outdoor recreation that contributes to health and well-being, and provide unparalleled opportunities for horseback riders, hikers, mountain bikers, fitness enthusiasts, bird watchers and anyone else looking to connect with nature, stay active and want to enjoy nature’s beauty.

If you are looking for new trails in the Santa Clarita Valley, like the beautifully shaded Canyon Trail at Placerita Nature Center, the Waterfall Trail, which offers bird watching opportunities, creeks and a waterfall, or the Fair Oaks Trail with steep switchbacks for the southern portion of the trail find all the information you need on the Trails of LA County website.

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