Sena Mlas Tenting In Resort Are Vacationers, Not Hostages: Himanta | Guwahati Information


Guwahati: Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday distanced himself from the Mahrashtra crisis, calling the rebel state MPs who have been camping here in a hotel since Wednesday morning “tourists and not hostages”, even as State Congress leader Bhupen Kumar Borah Rebel leader Shiv Sena wrote a letter to Eknath Shinde to leave Assam at the earliest “in the interests of the state”.
Sarma said he was not authorized to comment on the political crisis in Maharashtra. “It’s a big state, but I’m happy that people choose Assam as their preferred travel destination,” he added. Sarma dismissed opposition allegations that Shiv Sena’s MLAs were being held “hostage” in Guwahati. “What hostage? You are in a hotel. Are you happy. You are our guests. Generally, we just see if everyone visiting Assam is comfortable,” he said while accompanying NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu to submit her nominations at the parliament complex in New Delhi.
Sarma added: “Some people have come to Assam. They booked hotels. I am happy about this as it will help Assam’s economy. It will also boost tourism in Assam.” Responding to claims that his BJP-led government has allegedly ignored flood relief and is busy accommodating the MLAs from Maharashtra, the prime minister said he could stop hotels in the capital Assam due to flooding in some parts of the state.
On the other hand, the PCC chief wrote that Assam is reeling under severe flooding and “in such a critical and deplorable situation of the state, your presence in Guwahati and the busy activities of the Assam government in offering you royal hospitality are quite unfair and unacceptable.” Assam has been defamed by your presence as Guwahati is seen as a safe haven for MLAs who have no respect for constitutional values ​​and loyalty.”
He added that the state government machinery should have been busy dealing with the flood crisis, “but your presence here has been an obstacle. Considering the harm you have done to Assam and its people by your presence, I would advise you to leave Assam at the earliest in the greater interest of the state,” Borah wrote in the letter. “You know that Assam is a country where people have a lot of respect for ethics and values. Their presence in Guwahati with MLAs of Maharashtra’s ruling Shiv Sena being held in a hotel for alleged horse trafficking to overthrow Maharashtra’s elected government and the continued media coverage of this has not gone down well with the Assamese and creates an unhealthy atmosphere.” added Borah.