Senate touts financial significance of out of doors recreation


The Senate’s Trade Subcommittee on Tourism, Trade and Export Promotion recently held a hearing on the state of outdoor tourism, recreation and ecotourism and noted the importance of outdoor recreation to the local economy as communities become aware of the economic impact of COVID- 19 recover.

In opening remarks, Chairman Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) emphasized the role of outdoor recreation in the state’s economic development and contribution to employment, while highlighting that the outdoor recreation industry generates $ 788 billion annually Contributes to gross economic output and supports 5.2 million US jobs.

In addition, Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO) described the state’s outdoor recreational offices (ORECs) as bipartisan entities that “help create healthier citizens, create jobs and stimulate the economy.”

To support a resilient outdoor recreation economy, the NMMA advocacy team remains committed to a number of policies, including the establishment, funding and expansion of Offices of Outdoor Recreation (ORECs). Seventeen states have established ORECs, task forces, or advisory boards to serve as state leadership in promoting economic development on behalf of the outdoor leisure economy. The NMMA and the association’s coalition partners will work to increase this number in the coming months and years.

In NMMA’s latest Marine Minute, Jill Sims, NMMA Policy and Engagement Manager for the Great Lakes Region, highlights the region’s success in expanding access to the great outdoors.