SFIA: Sporting Items Gross sales Elevated 16 P.c In 2021


The overall market for athletic equipment, exercise equipment, athletic shoes, athletic apparel and licensed merchandise saw a 15.8 percent increase in sales as of 2020 and a 16.4 percent increase since the 2019 pre-pandemic ) annual sales report, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA). Manufacturers by category. The majority of tracked categories saw growth of over 10 percent over those two years.

Based on these numbers, the sporting goods industry is now valued at over $111 billion.

The report tracks US wholesale earnings of sports and fitness goods across 30+ categories and compares earnings from previous years.

“These numbers are extraordinary. The biggest leap SFIA has seen in the history of tracking this data,” said Tom Cove, President and CEO of SFIA. “Even with the numerous supply chain issues and myriad challenges manufacturers have faced due to the pandemic, these sales figures clearly show that the sports and fitness industry is thriving.”

Total sales of sports equipment have increased by 16.8 percent since 2019. The top 5 sports equipment categories with the greatest growth over two years are golf (57.1 percent), camping (33.6 percent), winter sports (27.2 percent), tennis (27 percent). , and basketball (26.6 percent).

Total exercise equipment sales, including consumer and institutional customers, are up 42.2 percent from pre-pandemic levels, with four categories of consumer equipment — gyms, exercise bikes, free weights and benches — posting over 100 percent growth since 2019, the showed greatest volatility among different products within the category, with consumer fitness products showing dramatic growth in the early stages of the pandemic period.

“When Americans were excluded from schools, institutions and group meetings, they still wanted to be physically active and bought our products for that purpose,” said Cove. “As pandemic restrictions eased, Americans continued to purchase active lifestyle products, demonstrating how central the sports and fitness industry is to Americans’ well-being. As participation in team sports approaches pre-pandemic levels, we are optimistic that positive market indicators will continue.”

Photo courtesy Getty/Dick’s Sporting Goods