Signature’s Deluxe II Tenting Trailer Presents Cool Rooftop Storage


Australians camp in the harsh outback, which is why the country makes some of the craziest off-road camper trailers out there – built to trail tough overlanders like the Toyota Land Cruiser. Two Australian brands, Signature and Toytuf have collaborated on the 2022 Deluxe II camper trailer (first spotted by New Atlas), which features a revolutionary roof setup.

The Deluxe II is ready for serious outback-level off-road riding. It features a hot-dip galvanized chassis and drawbar, an upgraded Lovells coil and twin shock suspension system, and mud-terrain tires. And when you arrive at your destination, the Deluxe II offers everything you need for a mobile base camp.

The left side offers an outdoor kitchen with a pull-out two-burner stove and sink, plus two additional storage compartments with fold-down tables and power outlets. On the other side there are three additional storage compartments with two folding tables. A rear compartment fits a freezer/fridge. And a forward section contains a tool box, an 8.5 kg propane tank and two 5 gallon jerry cans. The Deluxe II features two 100Ah deep-cycle AGM batteries and enough capacity to hold 30 gallons of pressurized water.

Roof tent or roof box? Signature offers both. There is additional gear storage on the roof with a full-length storage cage. This cage can hold loose items such as firewood or awkward items. You can also remove the front and rear doors to create a hatch for surfboards or a kayak. A Signature or third-party roof tent can then be mounted over the storage cage. Optionally, you can also add an awning.

The Signature Deluxe II is relatively affordable by camper standards, starting at a little under $15,000. However, it is only available in Australia. If the Deluxe II isn’t fancy enough for you, Toytuf offers a version called the TF1 for a little less than $22,500. It can be fitted with options such as upgraded airbag suspension and a kitchen package with a Nespresso coffee machine.


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