Simmons Sporting Items hosts the 32nd annual “Large Buck Contest”; Greater than three,800 bucks entered | KTVE


BASTROP, LA (KTVE / KARD) – The 32nd annual Simmons Sporting Goods “Big Buck Contest” took place today. These deer are just a few of the $ 3,800 entered for this year’s competition. However, only 52 of them were big enough to take home a prize.

“So we’ve had one of the greatest years so far. We had 38 hundred entries from some of the largest deer I’ve seen. With social distancing, hunting is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors without having to be around a lot of people. But we’ve seen the most deer killed and the best in years, ”said Hunter Simmons, CEO of Simmons Sporting Goods.

It is thanks to our hunters that Louisiana is known as “An Athlete’s Paradise”. Simmons Sporting Goods in Bastrop is the largest free-entry big buck competition in the United States and sees thousands of hunters from across the state. For Daniel Chautin, skipping Halloween was the stag of his life.

“Me and my dad, on the first day of the youth season, we went hunting on Halloween, so we decided not to eat trick or treating. We went around 3:30 and it was kind of boring, nothing happened. Then around 4:30 the deer came out and we thought … Ohhh, it’s really big, we have to get ready. So we got it all done and the moment it gave us a good shot … Pow … Dead. He ran about 40 meters and we found him there, ”said Daniel Chautian, 2nd place in the youth category.

There were 22 different categories, from atypical to youth sections. Skylar Donald, a student at St. Fredrick High School, has proven that women can shoot too. After hunting a deer for weeks, she got her shot and placed her first place in women’s archery.

“It was really exciting, it really was,” said Donald.

The total cost of all prizes awarded was more than $ 130,000. One of the biggest prizes was a $ 10,000 shopping spree at Simmons. If you had the biggest cash within a 200 mile radius, you could have won a House of Cycles 4 wheeler.

“It was much bigger than I expected. I knew he was big, but I didn’t know he was that big. Anyway, I measured him and told my wife that he might have a chance with Simmons. I brought him here to Simmons Sporting Goods and I happened to win the House of Cycles 4-wheel, ”said Bryan Scott, 1st place in Muzzleloader.

Simmons also partnered with Miller Light and Choice Brands, offering an award that any beer lover would dream of. Leslie Towns won 20 boxes of his favorite drink and all the hunting gear he would need.

“It was great, I couldn’t believe it, and it had great prizes,” said Leslie Towns, who won the Stock the Camp award.

While it’s nice to win all of these prizes, the hunt goes deeper at the end of the day.

“It’s so nice to go into the forest, get your own food, clean it yourself, and know where it goes through. You know you have to do the job to get the food and it’s just so close to nature. God gave you the food, ”said Chautin.

It’s also about spending time at the deer stand with those you love …

“I grew up hunting with my grandfather and so it was always this family bond… even though you go out there and don’t talk. It’s just about being with the other person, ”said Scott.

Simmons’ Big Buck Contest was made possible after months of planning during the pandemic.

“We try to take all possible security measures. When we do the actual awards ceremony outdoors so people can create social distance, we encourage masks on the front, we have a temperature station where you can read your temperature without interacting with it, and we encourage social distancing. We’re doing our best, ”said Simmons.

Below is a list of the winners:


  • 5th place: Natalie Earles 175 6/8 Avoyelles Parish, LA
  • 4th place: Cade Mcbride 178 1/8 Hempstead County, AR
  • 3rd place; Landon Wright 178 5/8 Richland Parish, LA
  • 2nd place Will Hanna 186 5/8 Red River Parish, LA
  • 1st place: Robin Prince 215 7/8 Humphreys County, MS

Open archery:

  • 2nd place: Scottie Pitre 191 4/8 Adams County, IL
  • 1st place Bobby Porter 192 3/8 Racine County, WI


  • 5th place; Ethan Yarborough 161 6/8 Morehouse Parish, LA
  • 4th place Anna Kate Myers 163 6/8 Bienville Parish, LA
  • 3rd place: Gray Worthy 170 Issaquena County, MS
  • 2nd place: Daniel Chautin 170 2/8 St. Landry Parish, LA
  • 1st place Carter Smith 190 3/8 Avoyelles Parish, LA


  • 5th place: Heather Durrett 158 ​​6/8 Union Parish, LA
  • 4th place: Kelly Downey 159 7/8 Bossier Parish, LA
  • 3rd place: Kim Greer 165 5/8 Maddison Parish, LA
  • 2nd place: Shelby Penick 167 7/8 Franklin Parish, LA
  • 1st place: Peggy Head 174 4/8 Madison Parish, LA


  • 5th place; Ben Brallier Jr. 172 5/8 Concordia Parish, LA
  • 4th Place; Jon Brighton Russel 178 1/8 Letlore County, MS
  • 3rd place: Eric Graham 177 6/8 Warren County, MS
  • 3rd place: Wesley Miller 177 6/8 Webster Parish, LA
  • 2nd place: Lance Gaude 181 1/8 Concordia Parish, LA
  • 1st place: Cody Brown 186 2/8 Madison Parish, LA


  • 5th place: Michael Bartlett 166 6/8 Pike County, MO
  • 4th place: Abigail Tew 167 1/8 Pushmataha County, OK
  • 3rd place in Terral Woods 169 Johnson County, KS
  • 2nd place: Jordan Wiggins 169 3/8 Woods County, OK
  • 1st place: Rick Ainsworth 196 5/8 Gentry County, MO


  • 5th place: David Recchia 176 Caddo Parish, LA
  • 4th place: Chad Atherley 176 6/8 Jefferson County, AR
  • 3rd place: Carson Smyly 177 3/8 Washington County, MS
  • 2nd place: Greg Poole 182 7/8 Concordia Parish, LA
  • 1st place; Garrett Anderson 189 4/8 Red River Parish, LA

Muzzle loader:

  • 5th place: Neal Adcock 165 5/8 Richland Parish, LA
  • 4th place: Toby Caskey 169 7/8 Montgomery County, AR
  • 3rd place: Brad Adams 172 3/8 Concordia Parish, LA
  • 2nd place: Brett Turner 180 3/8 Chicot County, AR
  • 1st place: Bryan Scott 190 4/8 Avoyelles Parish, LA

* Bryan Scott is also the winner of the Canam 450 4X4 from House of Cycles and First South Farm Credit.