Simon Lorenzi makes his Huge Conviction 8C+ at Fontainebleau


Belgian climber Simon Lorenzi has made the first ascent of Big Conviction, an 8C+ boulder problem at Fontainebleau in France.

Simon Lorenzi recently returned to Fontainebleau in France where a year ago he established Soudain Seul, a bloc he reckoned warranted 9A but which was subsequently downgraded to 8C+ after a quick repeat by Nico Pelorson.

Now on the same boulder the Belgian climber has added a new variant, linking the start of Conviction low with Big island to produce Big Conviction. The 24-year-old has suggested 8C+, making it one of the hardest in the forest.

Grade aside, what mattered most was “to share the same passion, same energy and fun as last year with friends” in this very special place. The time spent there with them meant “… way more than climbing.”

Lorenzi thanks: SCARPAPetzl, Adeps, Patagonia,

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