Single climbing body at ‘dullest playground in UK’ eliminated by council


Pollitt Road Playground has been called the most boring playground in the UK because it only has one piece of equipment, but now it has nothing. (SWNS)

A children’s playground that has been dubbed the UK’s dullest because it only had one piece of equipment now has nothing at all after being removed by Council.

The Pollitt Road Playground in St John’s Wood, London, was previously mocked for having a single yellow jungle gym for children to play with.

But now there is absolutely nothing left for children to play with after the single device was removed by the community.

A picture of the playground with its only device went viral on Reddit. (SWNS)

The area took the spotlight after an image of the playground was uploaded to Reddit, which went viral due to the lack of equipment, with one user joking that it was “a small mark away from an art installation”.

Another said: “I’ve seen chimpanzee enclosures with more and better equipment.

“If your council provides you with slightly less than what you expect to care for animals, it offends the community and doesn’t care about you.”

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But now the monkey bars have been removed – with locals advising that one piece of gear is better than nothing.

Paul, a 58-year-old, said: “I would say [the yellow frame] was better than nothing. Yes, it was a little cr*p, but who cares?

“I’ve lived here for decades. You just get used to seeing this jungle gym and swing set that used to be there.”

The playground now empty.  See SWNS story SWNNplayground;  A tiny playground that has been dubbed the dullest in Britain and derided for having only one piece of equipment now lies completely empty after council removed it.  Westminster Council has removed the single two-metre-tall yellow jungle gym that made up the Pollitt Road Playground next to Regent's Canal in St John's Wood.  The area has been dubbed the country's dullest playground after a picture was uploaded to Reddit and went viral.  One Reddit user joked:

Now the site is nothing at all after the remaining jungle gym was removed by the community. (SWNS)

Mum-of-two Alison Crest, 42, said: “I don’t particularly care that it’s gone, but I’m sad that it’s not.

“I would have preferred to have everything rather than get rid of everything.

“It could be a really nice area for kids. I think the least they could do is put up benches.”

However, some said the monkey bars were never used by children and instead the playground was frequented by teenagers smoking and littering.

Neil Wightman, Director for Housing at Westminster City Council, said: “The estate’s original small playground was replaced some time ago by the nearby playgrounds at Lisson Green.

“We have been talking to local residents for some time about what could be done with this very small area.

“The removal of the old equipment is the first stage of future improvements that we hope will be released soon.”