Snug RV Tenting within the Desert with the Black Sequence HQ21


Michael is a seasoned motocross enthusiast who has conquered many off-road tracks. Now he decides to challenge the Imperial Sand Dunes in California. It will be Michael’s first time crossing a desert on a dirt bike. The endless desert dotted with towering dunes presents a huge challenge for motocross, but Michael is really looking forward to it.

For camping in the desert, Michael borrowed a Black Series HQ21 off-road trailer from his friend Jonathan. He chooses it because Jonathan has raved more than once about how perfect the Black Series HQ21 is for camping. More importantly, it offers enough supplies for long-term off-campsite camping. And Michael also wants to buy a mobile home. The Black Series HQ21 is a perfect match for Michael’s desert challenge. When Michael first saw the Black Series HQ21 SUV, he was impressed. Its rugged looks with cool black and gray colors and red bumper gives it a beastly look. Its two pairs of independent wheel suspensions, paired with full-fledged off-road tires, give you a very safe feeling. Jonathan put water and electricity in the trailer and Michael hooked up the trailer to his pickup truck. Now the adventure begins.

In San Diego, Michael buys groceries for the adventure at a supermarket. To his surprise, the Black Series HQ21 has such a large refrigerator. Its 170L three-energy fridge ensures groceries stay fresh throughout the camping trip. After a 3 hour drive from San Diego, Michael enters the backcountry of the Imperial Sand Dunes. He expected his trailer to get stuck in the sand, but thanks to his two pairs of independent suspension, that doesn’t happen. It is so true that the trailer is designed for excellent off-road performance and can easily cope with such bad road conditions. Michael parks the caravan on a windless plain. With simple adjustments, Michael quickly turns the caravan into a comfortable campsite. He then unloads the dirt bike from the pickup truck, puts on his gear and heads for the highest dunes.


The sand rolled up by the wheels forms a long trail behind the Scrambler. Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (known as Glamis) is the largest Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) sand dune recreation area in the United States! This 40 mile long and 5 mile wide area is filled with dunes, the tallest of which is 300 feet high. Michael revs the throttle to the max and sprints to the top of the dune while the engine roars. Again and again he finally conquers the highest dune. Looking at the desert in the distance on the dune, Michael sees dunes rolling up and down like a sea in which he swims as freely as a dolphin. After a passionate day of motorcycling, he returns to the trailer and turns on the water heater for a hot shower. Such comfortable hot showers in the desert are not possible without the large-volume water tanks of the Black Series HQ21. Its 60L drinking water tank and 240L water treatment tank guarantee the water supply for 2-3 campers for a week. This is also the secret weapon for this Black Series HQ21 to camp away from campgrounds for extended periods.


Desert nights are very cold. Michael turns on the inverter air conditioning, and since the trailer is wrapped in thermal insulation to keep out the cold air, the inside of the trailer quickly heats up. Michael pulls out food to cook dinner. The dual kitchen system is really practical. It is not only equipped with a gas stove, but also with kitchen facilities such as a microwave, roaster and extractor hood. Looking at the caravan, Michael thinks it’s more like a mobile home as it has all the amenities like a TV, air conditioning, fridge, washing machine and surround bluetooth audio system. All outdoor living needs can be covered with the trailer.


Michael sits in the alcove enjoying the delicious meal he has prepared himself while watching the sunset slowly turning the golden dunes orange. Warm and comfortable, Michael still gets excited when he remembers how much fun he had riding his motorcycle. With this trailer, Michael can enjoy such a comfortable camping environment in such a lonely desert. His ability to camp away from campsites for long periods also makes Michael more determined to own a Black Series HQ21 off-road trailer.

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