Solomons covid instances go 300 and climbing


56 people with the virus have been hospitalized, but data is still being collected on the severity of their infections.

A senior adviser to the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health, Yogesh Choudry, said there was evidence of widespread community transmission in the capital Honiara, in the nearby province of Malaita and a potential threat in the western province.

dr Choudry said the Department of Health is shifting from a containment to a mitigation strategy, with case numbers expected to number in the thousands in the coming weeks.

Photo: 123RF

“The number of people who are positive also depends on our testing capacity, which is 200 tests a day. There are many samples yet to be analyzed and we are also testing a very limited number of people. Regarding We have a targeted approach to testing and do not test everyone. So the number of cases would likely be much higher than what we currently have,” he said.

Yogesh Choudry says test samples were sent to Australia to determine which variant they are dealing with.