Splatoon 2: 10 Ideas For Climbing The Ranked Ladder


While Splatoon’s friendly aesthetic and Nintendo’s reputation as a family-run company might cause gamers to think differently, the popular multiplayer shooter Splatoon 2 actually has a small but thriving scene of competitive players honing their skills in online ranked battles around it make sure you are ready for tournaments when the time comes.

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The ranking in Splatoon 2 can be confusing at first – there are tons of different weapons that play different roles. When and how to attack or defend can be confusing. Learning positioning is quite a struggle, and a good enemy sniper can punish your slightest mistake with instant death. Don’t worry, following these tips is a surefire way to get splats and improve the ranks.

10 Activate motion controls

Nintendo Switch controller

It may feel awkward at first and fly given the experience of previous console shooters, but in order to improve the aiming in Splatoon 2 it is imperative to turn on the motion controls. This is because Splatoon is a shooter with no aim assist technology – there’s nothing that can make up for the inaccuracy of analog sticks in other console shooters.

Fortunately, exercise isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. Just use the right stick to make large corrections, e.g. For example, to face a target, then tilt the controller to make minor adjustments, such as B. to center the crosshairs.

9 Practice aiming exercises

Splatoon 2 picture shows target practice

Gamers struggling to learn motion controls, veterans looking to hone their skills, and anyone trying to pick up a new weapon will benefit from a few minutes a day shooting at practice targets within Splatoon 2’s test range. To access this feature, simply select the weapon you want to try out from the inventory screen and press the Y button to bring it within range.

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Some of the most popular aiming exercises can be easily found on YouTube by searching for exercises for different weapon classes. This is important because the techniques for learning to fire long-range guns accurately can differ significantly from the shorter-range options.

8th Practice “sub strafing”

Substrafing in Splatoon 2 from Nintendo Switch

Substrafing is an advanced movement technique that, with a little practice, can greatly improve a player’s agility in ink. The technique basically involves using a sub-throw animation (like a sticky or splat bomb) to break off the normal time it takes to flip over while swimming in ink so that a player can get sharper than this normally would be possible too.

To perform this maneuver, just hold down the R bumper, then use ZL to dip into the ink and release R. By repeating this sequence of commands quickly and precisely, a player can wiggle around enemy fire at great speed, making it much more dangerous at close range. You can find more explanations in the tutorials on YouTube.

7th Don’t overstretch in enemy ink

Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch shows the attack of the target

Splatoon 2 is a game that takes positioning very seriously and employs devices that mechanically focus by spreading friendly and hostile ink. Splatoon players will, of course, be familiar with the fact that while you can swim through friendly ink at high speed, enemy ink is a huge drag on movement, making the stuck player an easy target.

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This means that cutting a path straight into enemy ink with no escape route is a surefire way to get flanked and dispatched. A good player will only take up a fight when he can if he has the mobility advantage, knows where his teammates are, and identifies possible escape routes before attacking an opponent.

6th Check your card regularly

Map in Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch

Many new Splatoon 2 players have situational awareness issues. If you’re not sure which areas of the map are safe and which are not, you can easily die from enemies hiding in their own ink, chargers popping out of cover, or unexpected onslaught from the flank and behind .

Check the card regularly to see which areas are coated with friendly ink and which are not. For example, if the left flank of the map is covered in enemy ink, you should be aware of the surprises coming from the left. The opportunity to review the map is during the respawn period so that you can plan your upcoming course of action.

5 Super jump to your teammates (if it’s safe)

Great jumping to teammates in Splatoon 2

An integral part of the offensive in Splatoon 2 is keeping the pressure on the target by jumping up to your teammates. However, this maneuver also carries a high level of risk as the super jump takes time and your opponents can see exactly where you want to land, which makes you an easy splat if you jump to the wrong player.

To avoid unsafe jumps, priority should be given to jumping to players with longer range weapons such as splashes and chargers who prefer to hold back from the action. In general, you don’t want to jump over to teammates who are in combat. So take your time and check the map to see if any enemy ink is thrown around the player you are trying to jump to.

4th Notice how many teammates are alive

Splatoon 2 with a group of teammates

One of the great tragedies of online gaming (to which Splatoon is no exception) is watching unsuspectingly as unsuspecting teammates march one by one through a much more coordinated and cohesive enemy team to their doom. This can be especially damaging in Splatoon 2, where the small teams mean any crack in defense can lead to a round loss.

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To avoid throwing a life away unnecessarily by storming into unsustainable situations, just check how many teammates got up in relation to the bad guys. If the team is clearly outnumbered, you should hold your own, back off and connect with an ally or (if the situation is desperate) jump back to spawn.

3 Find out what role your weapon plays

Splatoon 2 weapon against pink background

The different roles of shooters and chargers are obvious, but there are actually far deeper meta-considerations as to which weapons are best suited for certain tasks. The competitive community generally divides weapons into backlines and frontlines, as well as slayer and support weapons.

Options for frontline slayers include weapons like the Splattershot. They are primarily designed for hitting on the enemy frontline and getting splats. Backline weapons are ranged combat options like chargers and splashes designed for ranged pressure and as an anchor for super jumps. The Splatoon community maintains numerous resources on platforms such as Discord and YouTube. So try looking up the role of a weapon to learn how to get better performance with it.

2 Know when to attack (and when to defend)

In addition to keeping track of how many teammates are up and how many are down, an important component of learning when to push and when to assert yourself is determining how many friendly players have their specials available.

A well-placed booyah bomb or armor can be the thing that breaks through the enemy’s choke point. So try to trigger a push when it’s clear teammates have a special one available (as indicated by the glimmer on their player icon at the top of the screen). or consider holding onto this charged armor until it is needed to break a strong defense.

1 Work out!

Splatoon 2 title screen in neon pink and green

It may sound like cliché, but no player has ever mastered their weapon in a handful of rounds, and no player has ever reached X without sinking thousands of hours into the game. Experience is what holds all of the tips in this list together. So if a player wants to reach the top levels of the competitive Splatoon 2, they’ll have to invest the hours.

It can be frustrating to take a meter break as you approach a rank or lose a streak of bad luck because a charger can apparently only get 1-12 in each game, but try to remind yourself that the skills of one are up Improving Video Game Bracket is a learning process where improving as a player is the ultimate goal.

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