St. John’s Councillor Urging Residents to Maintain Canines on Leash at Outside Leisure Services


The City of St. John’s urges residents not to use outdoor recreational facilities as a place for their pets to roam.

Councilman Jamie Korab says there are increasing reports of residents allowing their dogs off-leash in areas such as ball fields.

He says pet owners don’t clean up after their pets, increasing the risk of a number of health hazards.

Dogs shed a number of harmful bacteria such as ecoli and salmonella, as well as a number of parasites that can cause kidney problems and intestinal disorders. According to Korab, animal waste often contains larvae that can damage the lungs, heart and brain. He says even after the poop is gone, the parasites can stay there for years, which is also bad for the environment as it burns through grass.

He asks residents to use one of nine dog parks across the city and clean up their pets.