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Parent companies in general business zones may have campsites

Published Saturday 17 December 2022 11:11 am

Camping will be allowed in a general business district following a recent decision by the Stanly County Board of Commissioners.

Bob Remsburg, director of Stanly County Planning, presented a text amendment for commissioners’ approval at a recent meeting. The amendment allows lots of 12 acres or more zoned for general business to allow trailer homes and RVs for camping.

Previously, the statutes permitted commercial recreational establishments but not camping. Vendors attending festivals as well as RVs for contractors working on large projects could camp.

The commissioners’ agenda pack mentioned Big Lick Festival Park as a place where contractors stayed for several months while working.

According to the package, the park’s new owners “plan to expand the campground on the property along with a new bathhouse and sewage system.” Before the change, these changes were not allowed under UK regulations.

The planning department recommended changing the general business section of the ordinance, adding to the package that the park “plans to continue the festival site with activities such as the bluegrass festival, antiques festival, reunions and other gatherings.” They are hiring the tractor trains.”

Companies with a “slightly smaller amount of ownership” can apply to the Board of Adjustment for a derogation, which would also require public participation.

According to the Planning Department, only two other properties in the UK County Zone are larger than 12 acres. Campsites are only allowed with a special use permit for properties with residential/agricultural zones.

“The Planning Board considered this carefully at their September 12 meeting and determined that this is a reasonable approach to bring Big Lick Festival Park in line while restricting contractor camping to certain areas,” reads the in the agenda pack.

Commissioner Scott Efird asked if Big Lick Park’s new owner plans to expand the facility. Remsburg said he does.

“Honestly, until he came to us with the proposal for the bathhouse and facility upgrade, I really didn’t realize this was happening on this property. You can’t see that from the autobahn,” said Remsburg.

He said the owners want to double capacity to 40 campsites.

Commissioner Bill Lawhon asked about the maximum length of stay at the campground. Remsburg said 10 months is the limit in the campsite statute.

“It’s very difficult to enforce. Of course, we don’t drive through Norwood Family Campground every 12 months to see if the same campers are in the same locations,” Remsburg said.

Remsburg said the county has only three campgrounds, including the Norwood facility, the Cotton Patch Gold Mine and Morrow Mountain State Park. RVs will be parked at the Stanly County Fairgrounds and Big Lick Park, he added.

Remsburg said contractors and workers who are camping may be working on projects in adjacent or nearby counties.

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