State Parks Accepting Purposes for Outside Recreation Legacy Partnership Program Grants


California State Parks is now accepting applications from public entities to offer outdoor recreation experiences to their communities through the Federal Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program (ORLP). The sixth phase of this competitive grant program has a total of $192 million available nationwide for communities that have limited or no access to nearby public recreational opportunities.

“Everyone deserves access to quality outdoor experiences,” said State Parks Director Armando Quintero. “A pool, hiking trails, picnic areas, and soccer fields can bring people, families, and communities together and build healthy communities. We invite public institutions to apply for this program.”

ORLP is a National Park Service state grant program established in 2014 and funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The program funds the acquisition or development of new parks or major park renovations in economically disadvantaged cities or communities of 30,000 or more residents. Eligible applicants include cities, counties, state agencies, state-recognized Native American tribes, Joint Powers Authorities where all members are public agencies, park districts and special districts with authority to acquire, operate and maintain public park and recreation areas. The maximum grant application amount per application for this round is $10 million.

California public entities interested in applying to the program must submit their application for review to the State Park Office of Grants and Local Services (OGALS). The most competitive applications, selected by the state and best meeting ORLP intent, are then forwarded to the National Park Service (NPS) to compete in the statewide ORLP competition.

NPS established two application opportunities in Round 6, referred to as Round 6A and 6B. Therefore, to meet the need, California has established the following initial application deadlines: Round 6A – September 1, 2022 and Round 6B – December 15, 2022.

Applications from Round 6A will be selected by October 2022. From October 2022 to January 2023, applicants with the most competitive applications will receive guidance from OGALS in consultation with NPS on how to complete the full federal application. Other program information such as B. the funding requirements for projects, registration for an upcoming application workshop and access to the online application portal, can be found under California ORLP website.

OGALS develops grant programs to fund projects at the local, state, and nonprofit levels. Since 1964, more than 7,700 community parks throughout California have been created or enhanced through grant funding from OGALS. Since 2000, the program has administered approximately $3.8 billion in grants across California.