Stefano Ghisolfi makes first repeat of Transfer Exhausting 9b at Flatanger in Norway


At Flatanger in Norway Stefano Ghisolfi from Italy has made the first repeat of Move Hard, a 9b sports climb put up by Adam Ondra in 2017.

As a sign of how much sport climbing has progressed in the last decade, Stefano Ghisolfi has repeated a 9b and defined it as a “side project.” 

The route in question, Move Hard at Flatanger in Norway, was established in 2017 by Adam Ondra while he was working Silence; in-between bouts on what was destined to become the world’s first 9c, the Czech also managed to send this linkup which connects the start of Move (9b/+) which the second crux of Silence.

Ghisolfi travelled to Norway towards the end of August to make some well-documented attempts on Silence. The 29-year-old succeeded in the main aim of the trip, namely to unlock all the sequences so as know what weaknesses would need specific training prior to returning to the cave next year, and towards the end of his stay he concentrated his efforts on the hitherto unrepeated Move Hard.

In keeping with the adage “last day, best day”, He sent the route a day before returning home to Italy. Writing on his social media account, the 29-year-old stated “In my life I would never ever imagined I would have a 9b as side project, but Silence puts everything in perspective.”

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