Stone Valley Recreation Heart Affords College students Low cost Choices For Out of doors Exploration


Even if the weather doesn’t quite feel like it yet, it’s finally spring.

While you might be itching to get outside, you might also be craving something new and different than the HUB Lawn or the Arboretum. That’s where the Stone Valley Recreation Center comes in.

In case you don’t already know, Stone Valley is a perfect opportunity for exploration and outdoor activities for college students and those who just live nearby. Located just 14 miles from campus, Stone Valley is considered an extension of University Park’s campus recreation centers.

Stone Valley’s appeal lies in the wide range of opportunities it offers. The facility has over 20 miles of proprietary hiking trails, which then extend to even more trails in the Rothrock State Forest. In winter, the trails are ideal for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. During peak fishing season, you can find a variety of fish in Stone Valley Lake Perez as long as you have a valid fishing license.

A big advantage of Stone Valley are discounts for students. Stone Valley offers a variety of activities including paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and row boats. Although these activities do not open until May 29th, students can still enjoy them in late spring and early summer until September 6th. It costs students no more than $12 per hour to rent one of these boat options, which are sometimes as cheap as $7 for a half-hour pedalo for two.

Registered student organizations can also get discounted rates for group boat rentals. Organizations are required to reserve a minimum of six or more boats for a minimum of two hours, but they can rent these boats for an affordable flat rate rental of $8 per hour in addition to some minor security and insurance fees.

Students can also get discounts on cabins for up to six people. There is an option to rent either a four-person cabin or a six-person cabin, and both cost $60 per night in the low season and $132 per night in the high season. Times such as Arts Fest weekend, each Penn State home football weekend, Commencement weekend and other times explained here. Most cabins have amenities such as access to a central bathhouse, electricity, a gas stove and a refrigerator.

For more information about Stone Valley and all it has to offer, Visit his website.

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