Superb new swings, climbing body and rotating see-saw put in in Prestbury


With the Easter holidays well underway, Prestbury youngsters will have plenty of time to enjoy the smart new play equipment that has been placed on the village’s pitches. Prestbury Parish Council has spent £35,000 on some very exciting new play equipment to sit on the field alongside the existing playground.

Specialists Kompa have set up a large climbing frame with bars and slides that can accommodate up to 15 youngsters at a time, and a rotating see-saw called the Wee Hopper. and jungle gyms and a rope swing called the Cocowave Swing. This is an 8 foot very thick rope that multiple children can swing on at once, or one or two children can lie along it full length.

This climbing frame can hold a dozen or more kids at a time

There are also two small spring rides for younger children. You are inside the playground for the little ones. The money was provided by Prestbury Parish Council, which pledged £18,000; Gloucestershire County Councilor Stephan Fifield, who contributed £15,000 of his £40,000 discretionary fund; and the Gloucestershire Playing Fields Association, who contributed £2,000.

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The Cocowave swing

Councilor Hamish Breach was part of the organizing team. He said: “We wanted to do more for slightly older children. The equipment within the fence is suitable for children up to about seven or eight years old and there was nothing for older children and younger teenagers so we wanted to do more there.”

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