Tampa, Orlando Amongst Finest Cities For Recreation


If you are looking for a place with the best variety of indoor and outdoor recreation, Central Florida is definitely the place to be.

Okay, so off the bat we can say we’re not surprised. However, the funny folks at Wallethub.com had to put it in writing. They looked at cities across the country and figured out who has the most, cheapest, and best things to do. They also looked at the weather.

Two of the top 4 cities on the list were Orlando and Tampa. City #5 is Scottsdale, Arizona. #4 is Tampa, followed by #3 Cincinnati, Ohio, #2 Orlando, and #1 is Las Vegas, Nevada. St. Petersburg ended up at #18.

Breaking down their numbers a bit, Orlando was #1 in the Entertainment & Recreation Facilities category. In the same category was #7. Tampa’s Weather ranked 13th, while Orlando ranked 28th.

[Source: Wallethub.com]

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