Teenager who ‘ran out of steam’ after climbing drain pipe scared Cork lady in her flat


A woman was startled when a young man entered her apartment by climbing up the drain pipe and through the window.

The teenager said he only did so because he locked himself out of his friend’s flat elsewhere in the building. The young woman, who resides at Stone Court, Trafalgar Hill, Tivoli, Cork, did not know who the young man was and had not given anyone permission to be there, said Inspector Martin Canny at Cork District Court.

Inspector Martin Canny said when the 17-year-old was asked about the incident, he said he did it because he was locked out of his friend’s flat.

Frank Buttimer, attorney, said: “That’s exactly what happened. Originally from Dublin, he was in Cork with a friend. They lived in an apartment that belonged to his friend’s mother.

“When he locked himself out, he got the idea to climb over the drainpipe to the apartment on the second floor.

He literally ran out of breath. He climbed into the next apartment so as not to fall out of the drainpipe.

“He immediately explained to the woman what he was doing and he left. He has the right to be in the building, but obviously not in the lady’s apartment. “He’s currently dealing with a substance abuse problem that has been in the background.”

Judge Olann Kelleher said: “I hope he’s on the right track now. That would have been a frightening incident for that lady.” Mr Buttimer said another feature of the case was that it happened in the afternoon rather than late at night.

“It was scary for a woman to see a guy coming through the window of her apartment at any time.” The judge handed the youth a three-month suspended sentence for trespassing.