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Tenting at Lake Antoine returns in 2022


IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) — Camping is a popular summer outdoor activity in the UP, and a campground in Dickinson County is opening for the first time in two years over Memorial Day weekend.

Campers are returning to Lake Antoine this weekend as all 90 campgrounds open with some modern updates.

“We took over our entire electrical system and switched to 30/50 amp operation. All of our sites now have a newer, higher feed. We have also equipped all our campsites with a water supply. Now we have electricity and water at all of our campgrounds,” said Eric Robinson, Lake Antoine Park Manager.

The campsite was closed for renovation work throughout 2021. Robinson said these upgrades now remove restrictions on where a person can camp, as each lot offers the same amenities. Robinson said this new connector can handle any modern RV.

“A lot of our infrastructure was 30 to 50 years old and not designed for a larger motorhome like today. People would come in with a 50 amp hookup and all we could do would be 30 amps,” Robinson said. “Even though they adjusted it, we still ended up blowing breakers. This is not ideal from a customer service perspective.”

Other completed renovation projects include a new kayak dock and a brand new water system following a water main burst last spring.

“We now have individual cones for each campsite. We added about 35 campsites with water and upgraded the rest as well,” said Robinson.

Robinson said half a million dollars has been poured into the park over the past three years and campground availability is already accelerating. Robinson said this investment will save taxpayers in the long run.

“Take all these upgrades and take Lake Antoine from cost per year to earnings per year of operation,” explained Robinson. “This eliminates the residual cost to citizens in any given year where county funds are allocated to operate the park.”

Robinson said the park’s latest major renovation is a new shower house. He said district commissioners are currently working on planning the project.

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