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Given that international travel restrictions remain in place, many Brits might consider trading their overseas trip for something a little closer to home. Whether it’s a humble tenting vacation with the family or a luxury glamping vacation, there are a few key things British should keep in mind when it comes to packing for a self-contained break in the UK.

One person who knows all about the pros and cons of staying in the UK is Lovat Parks owner Raoul Fraser.

Mr. Fraser oversees parks in Cornwall, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and the New Forest and is already experiencing a boom in business.

As of April 12, when the campsites reopened, some of the company’s sites were 80 percent occupied before the weekend was even over.

Among the campers who visited his website were many first-time visitors and, as Mr Fraser pointed out, there are a number of simple but crucial things that vacationers sometimes forget to put in their luggage.

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“Wrap yourself up warm and make sure you have enough basic supplies,” continued Mr. Fraser.

A “hot water bottle” is a great addition for those who tend to feel the cold.

“Campers should also have a sheet under their sleeping bag so it doesn’t get cold at night,” he added.

“Torches are really helpful,” he said.

“And portable chargers or spare batteries for their phones are great too.”

The good news is that for those who choose to go on a glamping or caravan vacation, many of these items are not needed.

Across the board, however, there is one crucial piece of advice that Mr Fraser offers, regardless of the type of accommodation vacationers choose.

“Make sure you have all kinds of food to cook for the week,” he said.

Fortunately, thanks to years of experience, Lovat Parks has already found more ways to accommodate even the most forgetful of guests.

“There is a pizza restaurant in the New Forest on our campsite that serves oven-baked pizzas that you can order through an app,” said Fraser.

“We have food fans who show up on Friday weekends for fish and chips and so on.

“We want people to come to our parks and relax.

“We obviously have laundromats and WiFi in the caravans and vacation homes that are powerful enough to dampen movies.”

While vacationers should be sure to pack all their “essentials”, Lovat Parks “important” is to be on hand to help.

“It’s so important because our guests are on vacation and the whole team realizes they have a huge responsibility,” said Fraser.

“Some of our customers come on vacation with us for the only week vacation of the year they’re vacationing. We have to make it special.”