Tenting Charges Going Up At Kings Canyon And Sequoia Nationwide Parks


Campground fees are increasing in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks/NPS files

Campground fee increases go into effect January 1 for California’s Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. This is the first of two increases, with the second set to take effect in 2024, according to a park notice. This incremental increase brings the two parks’ campground fees in line with rates at similar campgrounds in the area, and follows a public comment deadline announced in August 2022.

No changes to park entry fees are currently being considered ($35 per vehicle, $20 per person, or $30 per motorcycle).

The additional revenue from these fee increases will allow parks to keep up with the rising costs of running campgrounds and to support ongoing maintenance and renovation projects, including replacing fire pits, picnic tables and food boxes, as well as refurbishing comfort stations and removing barriers to improved accessibility.

The National Park Service has also set up booking windows for all campgrounds for the 2023 season. In response to public feedback, these windows are of different lengths to allow for different approaches to travel planning.

Lodgepole, Potwisha, Sentinel and Azalea campgrounds and all group campgrounds in the parks have a 4 month booking window. To accommodate last minute campers, Crystal Springs Campground will have a 2 day booking window (with the exception of its group sites). All other campsites have a one-month booking window. All campsites can be booked on the same day, provided they are still available. Campsites must be reserved recovery.gov.

As a reminder, at this time most campgrounds in the parks are closed for the snowy winter season. Pitches at Potwisha Campground (Sequoia National Park) are available and must be reserved through recovery.gov. Sites at Azalea Campground (Kings Canyon National Park) are subject to availability during the winter months, but must be reserved during the spring and summer.