Tenting creature comforts: Tips on how to have one of the best camp set-up this summer time


Many Western Australians will be packing up their cars, 4WDs and camper vans over the Christmas and festive period to enjoy the summer in our beautiful gardens. Any seasoned camper knows the amount of preparation time it takes to prepare for a trip like this, and while it’s a highly subjective sport, we can all agree that with the help of technology, our camping life has become a lot easier and more convenient than it was before a few decades . We can take hot showers in the middle of nowhere and bring cool air to our scorching places.

With the camping world growing so fast and the holiday season really upon us, we thought we’d take a look at some of the technologies used today that help to have the best campsite ever.

Portable power source

In any case, as we begin building our dream camp setups, it’s important to think about the power source: Does your current power source reflect the technologies you’re using? Nobody really likes the sound or environmental impact of a gas powered generator, so it could be useful to upgrade to a battery pack that can easily power all your devices. Consider if it can charge multiple devices and if it can harness the power of the sun by connecting to solar panels.

camera iconThe River Pro from EcoFlow in action. Credit: EcoFlow Australia.

Portable refrigerator in the car

If you’re still only using an Esky (a great device) to cool your groceries, chances are you’ll run out of fresh groceries pretty quickly, and your breakfast, lunch, and dinner will look like baked beans to most travelers – where’s that in the trip Fun? A big part of camping culture is cooking, detaching yourself from the everyday realities of life and enjoying the simple things like camping. Delicious.

Bluetooth speaker

Essential in our eyes. Bluetooth speakers can really change the atmosphere at your campsite, and they don’t take up much space either. If you are traveling to a remote place, don’t forget to download your favorite playlist, songs and albums before your trip as you may lose signal.

LED lights

To your delicious dinner, it is convenient to have such devices to shed some light on the situation. And they add a little romance if that’s the vibe you’re looking for. They work well when hung in a shaded area like a gazebo or in your tent.

hot water shower

While it’s nice to be able to travel somewhere without a shower and then come home and have this newfound appreciation for your bathroom, for some it’s an absolute deal-breaker. And if you have the opportunity today to buy a simple, portable product that doesn’t take up much space, we think it might be worth a try.


This is child’s play. Any seasoned camper already knows the value of owning one of these bad boys. You’ll need it for most nighttime activities, including cooking dinner or when nature is calling. And you’ll likely find uses for it when you return home, helping you stay connected with memories of those balmy nights spent with loved ones at your dream campsite.

Portable air conditioner

It goes without saying: this is an absolute luxury item, as summer can be scorching in Aus, especially parts of WA, depending on where you travel. There are many ways to stay cool; a shade cloth goes a long way, a trip to the beach, stashing hydrolyte ice blocks in the fridge, but that’s what the portable air conditioner is the ultimate product for.

camera icon Portable EcoFlow Wave air conditioner. Credit: EcoFlow Australia.

Cordless Leaf Blower

For the elite camper. It’s certainly not necessary, but it will replace the trusty old broomstick. If you’ve ever camped on or near sand (like most western Australians) you know how annoying it can be to constantly sweep and try to keep the grain out of your sleeping area. Using a leaf blower is more efficient and gives you more time to surf or relax at your dream summer campsite.

If you are working on your ultimate campsite or are just intrigued by the new camping technology, EcoFlow Australia offer a range of products and they currently have one Christmas sale. Visit the website for more information.