Tenting in Your Fisker Ocean


Imagine camping in your Fisker Ocean, sleeping under the stars in the rear of the electric SUV and staring through the glass roof in awe.

Today we read about the idea of ​​camping in the Fisker Ocean on the Fiskerati forums. This inspired us to take a closer look to see if it’s possible to camp in Fisker Ocean. Camping under the stars in electric vehicles is actually a thing. In fact, it was popularized by companies that make bedding specifically designed for electric vehicles.

Let’s go camping

Camping under the stars in your Fisker Ocean.

We always thought it would be fun to camp in our electric vehicle for a weekend. A camping road trip might be a bit much. It had to be somewhere close to home, a few hours away. Toilets and showers, maybe even a pool would be required!

About a year ago we saw a video on YouTube about camping in a Tesla Model 3. We looked into this and there are a number of companies that make beds specifically for the back of Tesla vehicles. Before buying bedding, we did a test run in our garage.

We folded the back seats and climbed into our Model 3. We had plenty of headroom to lay comfortably. The rear of the Model 3 is about as long as a Twin XL mattress. However, the vehicle’s width made it difficult for more than two average-sized adults to comfortably fit inside. We quickly concluded that the Model 3 would be too small for our family of three to camp.

Then we reserved the Fisker Ocean and lastly pre-ordered the Ocean One launcher. As I was checking the Fiskerati forums this morning, the idea came back to me. Camping in the Fisker Ocean could be really fun at night for stargazing with the glass roof. It doesn’t matter if you own an Ocean Extreme, Ultra or Sport, every Fisker Ocean outfit comes with a glass roof that’s great for stargazing.

Fisker Ocean stern measurements

The Fisker Ocean’s trunk with the rear seats folded is 45 cubic feet.

This afternoon we looked at the stern dimensions of the Fisker Ocean. We wanted to compare it to our current family electric vehicle, a Tesla Model 3. Of course, this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, but our family doesn’t own a Model Y. However, we will soon own a Fisker Ocean One that’s completely sold out.

On the one hand, the trunk volume in the Fisker Ocean is 20 cubic feet. The company says when you fold down the Fisker Ocean’s rear seats, the space expands to 45 cubic feet. On the other hand, the trunk volume of the Tesla Model 3 is 19.8 cubic feet and expands to 43 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. Now the Fisker Ocean has a width of 78.5″ compared to the Tesla Model 3 which comes in at 72.8″.

If you remember the Super Bowl, Fisker played trivia with us. They asked, “How many soccer balls can you fit in the trunk of the Fisker Ocean with the rear seats folded?” The answer was 213 soccer balls. That’s a lot of soccer balls! The company later shared an image rendition of a Fisker Ocean packed with soccer balls.

Our last thought

The Fisker Ocean keeps our family’s camping dream alive. The electric SUV Fisker Ocean will offer us a little bit more space than our current electric vehicle. It will also give us a little more space for those restless nights as we toss and turn while camping under the stars. That extra width could help our whole family squeeze into the stern of the Fisker Ocean. One thing is for sure, when we get our Fisker Ocean we will measure it up and do another test run in our garage. Let us know in the comments if you plan on camping with your Fisker Ocean.

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