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Many adults look back on the summer camps they attended as young college students and remember how much fun they had. Developing social skills and self-esteem are just some of the benefits of camp. What is summer camp?

It is a camp conducted in the summer season where young people are cared for and can enjoy leisure activities. Here are some reasons why summer camps are so good for college students.


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Make contacts and make friends

One of the reasons summer camp is so important is the opportunities it offers to socialize. When young people socialize, especially with peers outside of their normal circle of friends, they strengthen skills such as conflict resolution, setting boundaries and sharing.

Teamwork and collaboration are essential parts of the camp experience. By sharing with their peers, young people can build solid relationships that can last a lifetime. The fun atmosphere of a summer camp encourages sociability and can help develop emotional intelligence and empathy.


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As a college student, you typically help out as a camp counselor during summer vacation. They must have attended summer camps themselves and realized how important they can be. Responsibility can make it difficult to submit an essay on time.

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Get and stay physical

Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of disease and disability worldwide today. It can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and more. The risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle can be largely prevented by adopting a habit of physical activity early in life.

Some of the activities that a summer camp for kids includes can be swimming, canoeing, team sports, horseback riding, and ziplining. They don’t just sit around and stare at their cell phone or laptop screens all day. Exploring the joy of the great outdoors and exercise can help them form habits that will stick with them long after summer camp. They realize that physical activity makes them feel good and contributes to their well-being.

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develop self-confidence

Most summer camps include some character-building activities. They not only entertain young people, but also challenge and train them. This often helps them gain confidence and become more aware of their strengths. They learn more about themselves and the world outside of their normal environment.

Taking risks and facing challenges helps them build resilience. They learn that it’s okay to fail and use failure as an opportunity to improve. Learning how to persevere and take responsibility are some of the soft skills they need to succeed in life.

improve decision making

Summer camps give young people a degree of freedom in a safe, controlled environment. Although they are relatively independent, time away from their parents is testing them. You have to figure things out yourself. They may have to make decisions and complete tasks that are quite difficult for them.

This can go well beyond maintaining basic hygiene when parents aren’t around to tell them to brush their teeth or go to bed on time. They must learn to make the right decisions in a variety of situations and to assert themselves against their peers when they disagree with them.

Interact with positive role models

Camp counselors are typically young adults who volunteer during their summer vacation from college. Kids at summer camp often form strong relationships with camp leaders who they see as “cool.” They can often identify with them better than with their own parents. You see an example of what they could be like in a few years.

Camp leaders are often energetic and fun, but often also have integrity and strength of character. They are the kind of role models parents want their children to have. The more positive role models they have in life, the more likely they are to succeed.


Young people can benefit a lot from attending the summer camp. It gives them the opportunity to experience life lessons outside of the classroom. They can improve their social skills, develop more self-confidence and learn from positive role models in the form of camp supervisors. They can explore, interact with their peers, participate in a variety of activities, and have adventures. You are sure to take away friendships, life lessons, photos and memories that will last a lifetime.

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