Tenting, memes and Speedos – Six of 2021’s finest fundraising efforts


The pandemic has proven to be no match for determined activists this year as millions have been raised for various purposes.

From avid campers to 24-hour drumathons, here is a selection of the biggest fundraisers of 2021.

– Charity camper says he’s ‘not coming soon’

Max Woosey, 12, has been camping every night since March 2020 to raise money for a local hospice that looks after his neighbor Rick Abbott.

Max has raised more than £ 570,000 for the North Devon Hospice since then – and celebrated his 500th night of wild camping on August 10 this year.

“I’m not coming soon. I love being in nature, it’s just so much fun, ”said Max.

His mother Rachael Woosey told the PA news agency: “We are so incredibly proud of what Max has achieved.

“The hospice is one of the few that hasn’t had to make bed cuts or layoffs, and that’s because of its fundraising.”

– The face of the viral gif “blinking guy” brings in thousands for MS charities

Drew Scanlon, known as the “Blinking Guy” or “Blinking White Guy,” has been used an estimated 1.7 billion times on the Internet to express disbelief or confusion – the gif even has its own Twitter page.

Mr. Scanlon seized Internet fame forever in September – raising funds for the US National Multiple Sclerosis Society to help with research and advocacy for the disease.

Hello internet! I’m Drew and THAT’S MY FACE.

If you have ever enjoyed this GIF in the past, I humbly ask you to consider donating to the National MS Society. It would mean a lot to me and to those I know!

Donate at https://t.co/JkdnTG7DCO pic.twitter.com/E0ChZ9brNL

– Drew Scanlon (@drewscanlon) September 15, 2021

He appealed to his Twitter followers and many helped Mr Scanlon raise more than $ 75,000 (£ 54,000) and break his 2019 record of nearly $ 34,000 (£ 24,000) – the first time he has used the meme, to raise money.

– Former rugby player completes 48 marathons in 30 days in memory of his mother

William Goodge, who completed 48 marathons in 30 days in memory of his mother in September and October, said she was with him “every step of the way”.

There were tears as Mr Goodge crossed the finish line in London after having covered more than 1,200 miles for a few weeks.

The Bedfordshire model has competed in marathons in all 48 counties in England and raised more than £ 37,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, which his mother, Amanda, supported in the Macmillan Primrose Unit at Bedford Hospital.

William Goodge said his late mother Amanda was with him “every step of the way” (William Goodge / PA)

“This experience was once in a lifetime and I have memories and feelings that you can’t buy or plan for… I’m grateful that I was able to do that. My mother was by my side every step of the way, ”said Mr Goodge.

– BBC Weatherman Owain Wyn Evans raises £ 2 million for children in need with a 24-hour drumathon

The Welsh broadcaster began its grueling challenge on the BBC breakfast show on the morning of November 12th, drummed through day and night until it ended the fundraiser early Saturday.

He finished his marathon drum session on Britney Spears’ hit track Baby One More Time, which was selected when the pop star officially ended her conservatory party after 13 years on Friday.

He did it! 🙌🙌

24 HOURS OF DRUMMING COMPLETE ✅🥳 @ OwainWynEvans’ #BBCBreakfast #Drumathon for @BBCCiN

Show your support at https://t.co/gh0W5jM8bz pic.twitter.com/yIzBhAUEiL

– BBC Breakfast (@BBCBreakfast) November 13, 2021

Upon completing the challenge, Evans said, “I’m overwhelmed, the people have been so generous.

“I can’t believe it’s over. Surprisingly, my hands held each other well, but we had some problems with my arms from moving for 24 hours. “

– Kevin Sinfield runs 101 miles in 24 hours on behalf of his former teammate

Former Leeds captain Kevin Sinfield made a triumphant, if painful, return to Headingley after completing the fundraising challenge in November.

Around 1,000 supporters were on his old site to see the completion of his 101-mile run from Leicester to Leeds within 24 hours.

Sinfield has raised more than £ 500,000 for the MND Association and Leeds Hospitals Charity to build a new nursing home on behalf of former Leeds teammate Rob Burrow, who was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in December 2019.

Kevin Sinfield with Rob Burrow at Headingley (Zac Goodwin / PA)

“The support along the way was incredible from the start. It was definitely a fight – we wanted a fight and we definitely got one. I’m broken – I don’t know when to walk again, ”Sinfield told BBC Breakfast.

“Rob knows how much we love and care for him.”

– Speedo Mick raises nearly £ 180,000 after running 2,500 miles in nothing but swimwear

Everton fan Michael Cullen, now better known as Speedo Mick, turned 57 in December and rained in just his trunks.

The five-month hike raised nearly £ 180,000 for charities that support homelessness, mental health and disadvantaged young people.

Speedo Mick Charity WalkMick Cullen, also known as Speedo Mick, said he was “living my best life” after raising £ 180,000 for charity (PA).

Mr Cullen said the support he received along the way has been “phenomenal”.

He added, “I was amazed that many people, even in the Outer Hebrides, had heard of my exploits in my panties.”