Tenting Plana & Bar 66, Close to Pivka, Rated Most Widespread in Slovenia


STA, April 30, 2022 – Camping Plana & Bar 66 near Pivka has been voted the most popular campsite in Slovenia and 82nd in Europe by users of the Berlin portal camping.info.

In addition to Plana & Bar 66, one of the 110 winners of the Camping.info Award 2022, Center Kekec at the foot of Maribor’s Pohorje hills and Šobec not far from Bled were voted the best Slovenian campsites.

As one of the largest portals of its kind in Europe, camping.info offers information on more than 23,000 campsites.

Comparing prices at these campsites shows that a couple pays an average of EUR 12.85 to EUR 37.22 per night for pitch, electricity, parking and local taxes.

The portal data shows that the average price per night in Slovenian campsites is EUR 30.13, which is lower than in Switzerland (EUR 37.22), Italy (EUR 36.95), Croatia (EUR 36.06) , Spain (EUR 34.12) and Austria (EUR 31.92) ).

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