Tenting reservation Manitoba: Province improves reservation system


Manitobans will be able to make reservations for campgrounds, yurts, cabins and group use areas in provincial parks starting Monday, and the province has made some changes to this year’s reservation system.

Earlier in the week, Environment, Climate and Parks Secretary Jeff Wharton announced that this year’s system includes staggered start dates and technical improvements.

“Our government understands that individuals have had problems with the reservation system over the past few years,” he said.

“We recognize that easy, accessible operation of the parking reservation service is an important part of the overall experience.”

The province is working to implement a new system by 2023, but has made some technical improvements to the existing system to ensure users have a better experience this year.

This year’s improvements include adding computing resources to increase system performance, increasing queue stability and reducing the likelihood of people losing their place in the queue, as well as providing instant confirmations at the time of booking via website messaging and a Confirmation e-mail.

Manitoba has also scheduled additional launch days to spread out the number of people using the system at any one time. This year, the first bookings will be spread over five days instead of three starting days.

These five phases are as follows:

  • April 4th at 7am Bookings open for cabins, yurts and group use areas;

  • April 6 at 7:00 am Campground reservations open for Birds Hill, Falcon Beach, Falcon Lakeshore and West Hawk Lake;

  • Campground reservations open at 7:00 am April 8 for parks in the western and northern regions including Asessippi, Bakers Narrows, Clearwater Lake, Duck Mountain, Manipogo, Paint Lake, Rainbow Beach, Rivers, Spruce Woods, Turtle Mountain, William Lake and Wekusko Falls;

  • April 11 at 7:00 am campground reservations for Grand Beach, Nopiming and all remaining White Shell campgrounds including Caddy Lake, Big Whiteshell, Brereton Lake, Nutimik Lake, Opapiskaw, Otter Falls, Betula Lake and White Lake; and

  • April 13 at 7:00 am Bookings are open for the remaining locations such as Birch Point, Camp Morton, Hecla, Hnausa Beach, Lundar Beach, Moose Lake, St. Malo, Stephenfield, Watchorn and Winnipeg Beach.

Manitoba has reduced the maximum length of stay in a cabin or yurt to seven nights. Cabins, yurts and group use areas are limited to two reservations per session on opening day, while campsites remain limited to three reservations per session on opening days.

The province is informing people that despite this year’s changes, there may still be waiting times and delays.

To meet high demand on April 4th, Manitoba will open online and call center services at 7am. The province recommends that people check the website for call center hours on other days and that those making online reservations verify their user IDs and passwords beforehand.

The province notes that online and call center reservations are preferred, but Manitobans can make walk-in reservations and face-to-face payment arrangements at 200 Saulteaux Cres. in Winnipeg from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, beginning April 4.