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Tenting security suggestions as folks head into the wild Labor Day weekend


ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – Outdoor activities are very popular on summer vacation weekends.

Camping is in-tents, or at least that’s what Explore Park officials say. Since renaming Blue Ridge Campground in May, they’ve seen more than 175 families.

“We had a busy season. We saw a lot of people coming out over the weekends,” said recreation specialist Emma Layman.

Whether it’s a small family or a large group of friends, the site offers a variety of options.

“We have some small and medium-sized primitive campsites. We have some large group sites and we also have small raised platform sites along the river. It’s a really primitive experience where we have some groundsheets, some charcoal grills and picnic tables,” said Alex North, marketing director for Roanoke County Parks Recreation and Tourism.

Layman outdoor activities are popular on summer holiday weekends.

Layman recommends you overpack if necessary to ensure you have all the things you need.

“Bring bug spray and plenty of it. Something to light a match or a lighter with,” Layman explained. “You want a tent to sleep in and everything you need throughout the day. We do not have access to water at the campsite.”

Explore Park has a shuttle to bring your stuff in and out. Layman tells him to double check what’s happening around the campfire and stays at the campfire.

“Just be careful when you leave your campsite it’s just white ash,” Layman added.

They ask all campers to keep dogs on a leash and not to feed any of the wildlife in the area.

“They know this is their home, so just make sure you’re staying here as a guest and not interacting with the wildlife,” Layman said.

Staff monitor sites during the day and an emergency camp hotline is available at night. You can reserve online.