Tenting This Summer time: These Are the Finest and Worst States for Tenting


Before we know it, summer will officially be here, and our plans to give our children lifetime memories are well underway. If camping is on the bucket list this year, it’s important to realize that not all campsites are created equal. To help choose the best campground for summer fun, a new list highlights which states are best for family camping this summer.

Lawn Love wants to herald the start of camping season by providing families with a guide to which states have the best campgrounds. To do this, Lawn Love ranked the 50 states from best to worst for camping based on a 100-point score, using datasets from several places — including PlaygroundEquipment.com, Dicks Sporting Goods, AmericasStateParks.org, and AllTrails.

Scores are averaged across several weighted metrics including ease of access to parks, cost of camping, quality of park, ease of access to camping supplies, and park safety.

“We looked for states with lots of quality campgrounds and easy access to state parks, national parks, and hiking trails,” says Lawn Love. “Safety and affordability also influenced the ranking.”

Looking at the rankings, things aren’t looking too good for campgrounds on the East Coast, as some are at the bottom of the list on this side of the country. These states were ranked low due to low scores on quality, access, and security metrics, while the states that were at the top of the rankings performed due to high scores on access, quality, and supply metrics.

“The West Coast is home to some of the most majestic camping experiences in the country, with many quality parks, trails and gear for hiking through incredible scenery,” shares Lawn Love. And if it’s your first time camping with your kids and you need some tips and tricks and games to make it really fun for everyone involved, don’t forget to consult the experts.

States ranked lowest for camping:

50. Nevada with an overall score of 22.91
49. Alabama with an overall score of 27.28
48. Mississippi with a total score of 27.96
47. Delaware with a total score of 29.90
46th Rhode Island with an overall score of 31.21

States ranked highest for camping:

1. California with an overall score of 63.09
2. Washington with a total score of 51.51
3. Minnesota with a total score of 49.91
4. Michigan with a total score of 49.48
5. Florida with an overall score of 48.66

This is a good reference list for parents looking to book some much-needed adventure time that’s a little easier for little ones too. But hey, if your favorite state for camping is Nevada and you’re a pro, just go ahead and ignore this list. Luckily, the United States has some of the best natural attractions in the world.

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