Tenting was up, picnics down in La Crosse County parks in 2020 – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM


Americans were told not to travel a lot in the first few months of last summer’s pandemic, but La Crosse County’s campsites still had a very busy year in 2020.

Goose Island Park had its best year of visitors since 2017, welcoming 127,000 people last year. The park had 10,000 or more visitors each month from April through August.

Goose Island also had 25,000 “camper nights” last year. Wisconsin residents made up 80 percent of the nights on Goose Island, with campers from 44 states spending at least one night in the park south of La Crosse.

On the flip side, May 2020 was a dreary month for bookings in the three La Crosse County-run parks, based on the number of people renting accommodation for parties or picnics.

According to county statistics, there was only one lodging property last May, compared to 28 rentals in May 2019. However, in June 30 people rented accommodations on Goose Island, Veterans Park, or Neshonoc … and the best month of last year was August.

Almost every year, the most popular reason for renting a County Park Shelter is for a family picnic. Graduation ceremonies were the second most popular application in 2020.


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